Workshop Sessions I - Session D1: Making Sure It Is Needed! Best Practices Regarding the Use of Psychotropic Medications of Youth

Wednesday, October 4, 2017 - 10:45am to 12:00pm

Chad Anderson, LMSW, LSCSW, Chief Clinical Officer, KVC Health Systems, (KS)
Christopher Bellonci, M.D., DFAACAP, Vice President of Policy and Practice, Chief Medical Officer, Judge Baker Children’s Center, (MA) and
Debra Lancaster, MLIR, Chief Program Officer, New Jersey Department of Children and Families, (NJ)
Presenter/Youth Representative:
Peterson Rodriguez, NYC Regional Youth Partner, YOUTH POWER! (NY)
Ty G. Smith, BA, Youth Advocate, Youth Voice, Youth MOVE, (CO)

The overuse of psychotropic medications with youth has been an ongoing concern for many years. Whether at the state, county or provider level, leaders and clinical staff have a responsibility to ensure that any use of psychotropic medication is justified and that there are appropriate oversight mechanisms in place to monitor its use on the overall wellbeing of the youth. A nationally respected expert in this area, Dr. Christopher Bellonci, will share a range of best practices, and strategies to use to address appropriate use and oversight.

The most recent Government Accounting Office report in 2011 and the federal Information Memorandum on oversight of psychotropic medication for children in foster care have highlighted the continued need for greater oversight, especially with youth who are involved with child welfare. Experts at the state and provider level will share policies, practices and strategies they use. New Jersey Department of Children and Families has a robust oversight system; unique to their approach is the link to the overall health and child wellbeing. KVC (Kansas) has also developed an oversight system as part of their role with the Kansas child welfare agency. Youth will share their experiences and recommendations specific to the use medication. Attendees will have opportunity to ask questions and leave the session with increased knowledge, and practices and strategies they can use in their programs and agencies specific to medication usage and oversight.

Salon D
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