Workshop Sessions III, Session E2: Successful Business Transformation and Building Outcomes Cultures

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 10:30am to 12:00pm

Lisette A. Burton, J.D., Director of National Advocacy, Boys Town (D.C.)
Laura Heinz, PsyD, AAS Human Services, CEO, Stanford
Youth Solutions (CA)
William Martone, MS, President, WPM Consulting, Inc. (CA)
Presenter/Youth Representative:

Ty G. Smith, BA, Youth Advocate, Youth Voice, Youth MOVE, (CO)

As we all know; the world of human services is changing. Words we now hear often include: accountability; efficacy; outcomes; impact; using data to improve practice; buying results and not services; and emphasis on long-term positive outcomes post residential discharge. This session will provide both successful strategies on how to transform your business model to be a viable organization in this new world of accountability and how to build an outcomes culture. William Martone, the former CEO of Hathaway-Sycamores (CA), will share both his own business transformation journey as a CEO, and a summary of successful strategies identified from co-leading a national initiative to support residential executives in business transformation. Stanford Youth Solutions, also in California, is nationally known for their expertise in building outcomes cultures in organizations. Their CEO, Laura Heinz, will share learning from their journey, as well as successful strategies used by organizations they have supported in building outcomes cultures. A youth advocate will share his recommendations regarding programs becoming outcome focused. Attendees will leave with many strategies useful for business transformation and building outcomes cultures within their organizations.

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