Workshop Sessions IV, Session C3: Essential Ingredients: Community Programs that Successfully Partner with Residential - with an Emphasis on Successful Educational Collaborations

Thursday, October 5, 2017 - 1:00pm to 3:00pm

Jody Levison-Johnson, Assistant Vice President, National Council for Behavioral Health (D.C.)
Samantha Poutas, MSW, LICSW, Program Director, Intensive Family Services, The Guidance Center, A Service of Riverside Community Care (MA);
Kimberly Martin-Conley, LSW, Assistant Vice President, Child and Family Services, Riverside Community Care (MA);
Carlo Cherenfant, Family Support Worker, The Guidance Center, A Service of Riverside Community Care (MA);
Luke Spiegelhoff, MSW, LICSW, Clinical Director, Family Adolescent and Children Therapy Services, (MN) and
Angela Vázquez, MSW, Associate Director, FosterEd: California, National Center for Youth Law, (CA)
Presenter/Family Representative:
Marina Davidson, Family Support Worker, The Guidance Center, A Service of Riverside Community Care, (MA);
Presenter/Youth Representative:
Brittany A. Roberts, BA, Program Coordinator, Kentucky Partnership for Families and Children, (KY)


The importance of residential and community collaboration, inclusive of education, may be one of the most critical ingredients for ensuring successful long-term
outcomes for youth and families who receive residential interventions. In the BBI Short-Term Guide, partnerships and collaborations were not a stand-alone element, as they were woven through every other element identified for achieving successful residential interventions. This session will highlight the work of two different community programs (FACTS/MN; Riverside/MA) and their unique approaches to community and residential partnerships. Prepare to be blown away with the creative strategies used by these programs and their outcome data. A former youth in care, who has also adopted children of her own, will share her views on needs – especially related to education. Proven collaborative strategies used by the National Youth Law Center in their foster (FosterEd) program for ensuring successful educational transitions and outcomes for youth involved with child welfare and juvenile justice will be highlighted. Every attendee in this session will leave with both enthusiasm and tools to improve outcomes for youth and families in their home communities.

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