Chief Executive Officer - George Junior Republic - Grove City, PA

  • Posted on: 29 September 2017
  • By: Amanda Loiacano

Grove City, PA
Chief Executive Officer (2018)

George Junior Republic has a long history of providing solid programming for youth. Since 1909, youth have been provided a life-changing opportunity to establish skills, understand areas of intellectual strengths, and move toward a successful future. Youth previously believed to have a hopeless future have found hope and established a vision of success based on the treatment, academic, career, and technical skills they are taught at George Junior Republic. Annually, more than 3,000 youth and families are served at the residential campus in Grove City, Pennsylvania, or through community-based services located in multiple states and counties.

Each year over 1,000 youth are placed at George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania which operates as a private, nonprofit residential treatment facility that occupies a 500-acre campus which includes an academic facility, a career and technical center, residential homes, and operational buildings. At the heart of George Junior Republic is service to youth and the belief that through solid programming, support, and guidance, each youth can be successful. The treatment model teaches youth various skills needed to thrive as an adult. These skills, coupled with a solid academic curriculum, ancillary services, vocational training, and career planning, establish a solid foundation for future advancement.

George Junior Republic was founded by successful businessman William Reuben George in 1909. The name “Junior Republic” reflects Mr. George’s intention to assist at-risk youth by offering them the chance to join a small society where they could learn what it means to be a responsible citizen. At the time, he established “fresh air camps,” giving urban youth an opportunity to visit the countryside. Although these activities were popular philanthropic endeavors, Mr. George believed that these camps did not do enough to help what at the time were called “delinquent youth.” It was responsibility, ultimately, that Mr. George saw as the key to helping young people. The organization was, and continues to be, driven by William Reuben George’s vision of creating an environment where youth would receive the guidance, education, and the skills needed to become self-motivated, self-governed, responsible, and productive citizens in a democratic society. George Junior Republic continues to focus on its mission of: “Helping at-risk youth become successful, well-adjusted adults, capable of achieving a higher degree of citizenship and a better understanding of responsibility to society, family, and self.”


George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania is proud to have a partnership with the Grove City Area
School District and is the largest residential facility in Pennsylvania to partner with a public
educational institution. There are currently over 100 Grove City Area School District employees
responsible for the educational programs on George Junior Republic’s campus. This affords youth the opportunity to continue their education under the standards of a public academic setting, while receiving the treatment necessary to create more positive and responsible behaviors.

William H. Gladden Career and Technical Center

George Junior Republic students, grades 9-12, are eligible for admission to the on-campus William H. Gladden Career and Technical Center, regardless of grades and/or test scores. Students attending the Career and Technical Center are afforded the opportunity to receive
various industry recognized certifications based on their area of interest. All vocational students may receive an OSHA 10-hour and a SP2 certificate. Specified certifications are offered in: welding, carpentry, automotive mechanics technology, auto body, masonry, and food service.

Students with a vested interest in the program are given the option of staying on campus for a longer term in order to expand their vocational knowledge, gain additional certifications, and have opportunities to participate in more community vocational projects and programs. Career guidance services and job placement services are provided by the Academic Center guidance department and by staff members of George Junior Republic. Partnership with the Pennsylvania Academic Career and Technical Training (PACTT) Alliance helps drive the educational outcomes of the vocational program.

George Junior Republic maintains a broad continuum of residential and community-based programs that have been established and equipped to help each youth reach his full potential. The range of programming includes: General Residential, Special Needs, Drug and Alcohol, Community-Based Group Home, Intensive Supervision, Diagnostic, and Shelter Care.

The operations and business of George Junior Republic are conducted through six corporations, all of which are 501(c)(3) designated charities.
-George Junior Republic is the corporate name of the “parent” organization and is the only George Junior Republic corporation registered as a charity with the Pennsylvania Bureau of Charitable Organizations. It is governed by a 12-person board. This parent corporation controls the other five corporations by virtue of its powers to elect and remove officers, approve changes to bylaws and articles, approve actions not in the ordinary course of business, and approve budgets.
-Three “operating” corporations are under the umbrella of the George Junior Republic
   Parent Corporation:
     -George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania operates the main residence campus in Grove City and a group home in Guys Mills, Pennsylvania. The corporation is governed by a 14-person board.
     -George Junior Republic in Indiana operates a group home in Gas City, Indiana,
             and community-based programs in that state. It is governed by a four-person board.
     -Preventative Aftercare, Inc. operates multiple in-home, community-based programs in both Pennsylvania and Colorado. It is governed by a five-person board.

-In addition to the “parent” and “operating” corporations, there are two other George Junior Republic corporations:
     -George Junior Republic Realty is responsible for all property.
     -Republic Risk Retention Group handles certain aspects of insurance.

For additional information about George Junior Republic, please visit its website,

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is responsible for leadership, direction, and coordination of all activities related to George Junior Republic, including: George Junior Republic, George Junior Republic in Pennsylvania, George Junior Republic in Indiana, George Junior Republic Realty, Preventative Aftercare, Inc., and Republic Risk Retention Group. The CEO will develop and administer all programs and policies for each entity in accordance with its stated purpose within the guidelines established by the Board of Directors. Providing leadership and information to the Board of Directors, the CEO will assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities in policy making, policy modification, governance, and program planning. The CEO will provide leadership that will set a standard of professional excellence to manage and guide George Junior Republic and Affiliates in fulfilling the mission, vision, philosophy, values, and purpose of the organization.

Specific Responsibilities
Leadership and Planning
The CEO will oversee and administer all agency programs and preserve and protect the corporation’s status, property, and business interests. The CEO will effectively implement the board approved Strategic Plan and provide initiative, leadership, and vision in the planning,
development, and implementation of agency programs and objectives.

-In collaboration with the Board of Directors and the senior leadership team, develop and implement organizational plans and goals that advance the achievement of George Junior Republic’s mission and values.
-Administer the affairs of George Junior Republic and Affiliates efficiently and consistently within the by-laws and policies of each entity as established by the Board of Directors.
-Anticipate changes in the industry and share a vision of possibilities for the future.
-Provide periodic review, evaluation, and modification of programs in relation to resources, placing agency needs, and developments in practice.
-Motivate, lead, and sustain a high-performance senior leadership team to ensure the continued development and management of a professional and efficient organization.
-Establish and maintain effective decision-making and conflict resolution processes that will enable George Junior Republic to achieve its short- and long-term goals and objectives.
-Establish credibility throughout the organization and with the Board as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.

Community and Government Relations
The CEO will be visible and known within the community; project a positive public image of the agency; be attuned to the community’s needs and perceptions; and provide leadership in developing the agency’s public profile and in communicating its mission and services to the community.
-Establish an external presence and become the face of George Junior Republic by developing relationships with the community, agencies, partners, funders, advocates, and government officials.
-Ensure compliance with all appropriate regulations and licensing requirements and maintain awareness of changes in regulations and reimbursement policies.
-Maintain a positive professional relationship with the local community.

Board Development and Administration
The CEO will advise and assist the Board on organizational issues and policy planning; keep the Board apprised as to major developments within the agency and policy issues requiring Board action; work and communicate effectively with Board committees; assist the Board in
maintaining effective membership; follow through on appointed tasks for the Board; and be
prepared for Board Committee meetings.
-Advise the Board of Directors by keeping them informed of agency operations, community concerns, legal matters, fiscal issues, and developments in practice so that each board member has adequate information for carrying out his/her policy-making responsibility.
-Cultivate a strong and transparent working relationship with the Board and ensure open communication about the measurement of financial, programmatic, and performance against stated milestones and goals.
-Recommend policies and programs to the Board and the committees. The committees include Audit and Finance, Governance, Investment, Executive, and Compensation and Benefits.

Staff Development and Administration
The CEO will maintain and administer agency personnel policies and implement changes when needed; develop and maintain a highly competent, motivated, and productive staff; handle staff discipline and grievances fairly and effectively; and serve as a role model displaying desirable characteristics while maintaining the highest ethical standards.
-Responsible for a total staff of 700 FTEs through seven direct reports, including Vice President of Treatment Services, Vice President of Support/Community Based Programs, Chief Financial Officer, Vice President of Human Resources, Facility Manager, Director of
Information Systems, and Director of Development.
-Ensure the safety and security of the organization, staff, and youth by monitoring the risk management program and safety committee.
-Inspire a strong and competent staff to work to their fullest potential, taking the lead role in the creation of a culture of excellence and accountability.
-Delegate responsibilities and serve as a mentor to foster a success-oriented, accountable environment within the organization.
-Select and hire properly qualified persons to serve as members of the administration; hold regular meetings with the staff and ensure that the general policies of the Board are understood and followed.
-Monitor and coordinate matters regarding employment, retention, and dismissal of personnel; salaries and contracts; job assignments and performance evaluation; and orientation and training.

Financial Management
The CEO will oversee the development and implementation of the annual budget approved by the Board; oversee the administration of the agency’s daily fiscal operations, including bookkeeping, recordkeeping, and receipt and expenditure of funds; lead the Board and staff in the development and maintenance of revenue sources; and maintain positive and effective relations with foundations, corporations, individuals, and other funding sources.
-Oversee the financial status of the organization, including developing long- and shortrange financial plans, monitoring the budget ($52 million annually) and ensuring sound financial controls are in place.
-Formulate budget recommendations along with the Chief Financial Officer for the Audit and Finance Committee and the Board of Directors that will ensure program effectiveness and fiscal responsibility.
-Regularly assess and refine the organization’s structure and staffing to ensure maximum effectiveness, the highest quality of services, and appropriate operational capacity.
-Manage all programs within budgetary provisions.
-Formulate and execute comprehensive marketing, branding, and development strategies that will enhance revenue from clients, major donors, foundations, government agencies, and corporations.
-Oversee risk management and legal activities.

The CEO at George Junior Republic must have an understanding of and passion for the goals and mission of George Junior Republic and the youth it serves. The ability to develop strategy and direction while modeling and setting George Junior Republic’s culture, values and behavior related to the objectives and institutional vision will be essential to the continued success of George Junior Republic. The new CEO must have a track record of experiences that include knowledge of strategies and best practices proven effective in managing a complex, multi-site, and multi-program organization. The CEO should have an entrepreneurial spirit, be willing to listen to novel ideas, take risks, and effectively collaborate with the George Junior Republic community.

-Appreciation and passion for the mission of George Junior Republic and the youth it serves.
-Minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible senior management experience; prior nonprofit experience and management of a complex, multi-site organization preferred.
-Proven success in an externally-facing leadership role, preferably with a nonprofit organization.
-Positive and demonstrated experience in fundraising, including fostering strong partnerships with government officials, external partners, and community members.
-Demonstrated success in leading teams, implementing a strategic vision, and meeting aspirational goals.
-Extensive experience in organizational development, personnel management, budget and resource development, and strategic planning; demonstrated success developing and monitoring systems to manage both operational and programmatic work that involve high levels of collaboration.
-Strategic and innovative leader with exceptional planning, problem solving, and time management skills.
-Visionary and strategic planning capabilities to be applied toward the development of an innovative fundraising program, and the leadership necessary to ensure its successful implementation.
-Capable of building collaborative relationships and effectively navigating across a highly engaged constituent base.
-Flexible and able to multi-task; can work within an ambiguous, sometimes stressful, fast moving environment while driving clarity and solutions.
-Demonstrated resourcefulness in setting priorities and guiding investment in people and systems.
-Knowledge of juvenile justice programs, process, and funding climate.
-Knowledge of policies and legislation impacting juvenile justice and the ability to be an advocate for effective policies.
-Strong interpersonal skills, drive, and integrity with demonstrated ability to build, foster, and maintain positive relationships with both internal and external constituencies, including administrators, board members, volunteer leaders, and students,
-Self-starter who can think strategically, analytically, and entrepreneurially.
-Project executive presence and possess superior communication skills to express (orally and in writing) George Junior Republic’s mission, vision, and goals with clarity, passion, and persuasion.
-Demonstrated ability to lead, take the initiative, and work collaboratively as a member of a team.
-Attention to detail combined with the ability to prioritize and manage multiple tasks simultaneously in a deadline-driven environment.
-Master’s degree in business, management, or social work required.
-Willing and able to travel and work nights and weekends as needed.

For inquiries, nominations, and applications, please contact:
Catharine McGeever, Managing Partner