Evaluation Coordinator - Pressley Ridge

  • Posted on: 9 April 2018
  • By: Amanda Prange


Title: Evaluation Coordinator
Status: Full-time, Regular, Exempt
Department: Organizational Performance
Reports to: Senior Evaluation Coordinator

Position Summary

The Evaluation Coordinator supports the organization by providing support and consultation in matters relating to evaluation (e.g., assisting with surveys, coordinating outcome studies, helping departments to systematically evaluate their activities). In addition, the position supports and is a consultant in the development, implementation, and maintenance of systems and activities designed to improve quality throughout the organization. The position requires analyzing data, creating reports for users of the information and working closely with the organization leadership to find ways of obtaining and organizing data collection and assisting the users of information. The position also involves working closely with programs to assist them in using information through conducting trainings and seminars and acting as a consultant to program leaders and staff members at multiple organizational levels on issues related to evaluation and continuous quality improvement. In-depth knowledge of, and regular communication with the program directors and their supervisors is essential.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

1) Database development and management
Independently creating and managing databases in software applications such as Excel, Access, and SPSS. Data will be entered, or imported from the organization’s electronic health record. Responsibilities include managing, cleaning and coding, debugging and documentation of programs. The position involves data entry.

2) Data analysis
Analyzing data using several statistical software packages such as Excel or SPSS. Analysis work will be supervised by the Senior Evaluation Coordinator. Provide consultation and feedback to staff concerning areas of improvement and problem resolution.

3) Creating reports and presentations
Assists in report creation, interpretation of statistical results, and presentation of findings through data into formats for program staff and leadership. Reviews data for trends, patterns, and addressable issues. Works with process owners and IT resources to make data available for quality improvement.

4) Conceptualizing evaluation projects
Assists with the conceptualization and implementation of evaluation projects.

5) Continuous Quality Improvement
Assists with the implementation of continuous quality improvement strategies. Provides support and consultation to program staff and organizational committees on continuous quality improvement related issues and initiatives. Participate in local and national quality initiatives/workgroups.

6) Project Management
Assists in organizational projects by reviewing assessments, collecting of data (including phone interviews, focus groups, etc.), analysis, and reporting of data for program leadership.

Essential Competencies

1. Time Management and Organizational Skills: Uses time efficiently and plan well; concentrates effort on important priorities while attending to a broad range of unrelated activities.

2. Computer Skills: Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft applications such as Outlook, Word and Excel.

3. Interpersonal Skills: Builds positive and productive relationships with a diverse population; establishes and maintains appropriate rapport with supervisors, consumer family members and colleagues inside and outside the organization

4. Statistical analysis skills: able to do statistical analysis with relevant computer applications (SAS, SPSS, etc.)

5. Communication Skills: practices attentive and active listening; is aware of and uses body language effectively; able to write and speak clearly in a professional manner on a level appropriate for the intended recipient.

6. Flexibility: Willingness to maintain a flexible work schedule and travel to organization locations.

7. Team Player: is seen as a cooperative and collaborative team player; is approachable and open to feedback; willing to give feedback and hold other team members accountable; shares information and contributes ideas and opinions; values others’ contribution; appreciates individual differences and demonstrates cultural sensitivity; is committed to the team’s goals.

8. Conceptualization Skills: Experience in conceptualizing and implementing evaluations

9. Independence: Can work independently to accomplish goals

Essential Qualifications

1. Education/credentials/license.
a. Master’s degree in Psychology, Research Methodology, Education, Social Work, Public Administration, Public Health or related field required.. Equivalent combination of a Bachelor’s degree and at least 5 years job related experience will be considered.
b. Valid driver’s license and auto insurance.

2. Experience.
a. A minimum of one year experience in a research or evaluation setting.
b. At least three (3) years’ experience with relevant computer applications (SPSS, Excel, Access)

3. Clearances. State Police/FBI per state regulations; Child Protection

Working Conditions

1. Physical Demands. Requires vision, speech, and hearing. Position allows employee to move about freely or sit at will when performing job duties.

2. Environmental Factors. Office and Pressley Ridge program sites.

3. Working Hours. Traditional 40 hour work week.


This is job description is not intended to represent an employment contract. The elements of this description are subject to modification by management and may not represent all responsibilities and duties necessary to carry out the job of the Evaluation Coordinator.

Exempt/Non-Exempt Statement:

I understand that this position is considered to be an exempt position as defined by the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. This job is exempt from overtime pay as described in the Pressley Ridge Handbook.


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