Research Coordinator - Pressley Ridge

  • Posted on: 9 April 2018
  • By: Amanda Prange

Title: Research Coordinator
Status: Full- time; Regular; Exempt
Program: Organizational Performance
Reports to: Senior Research Coordinator

Position Summary

The Research Coordinator is responsible for advising and conceptualizing research projects for the organization as well as conducting program evaluation and quality improvement activities. The position requires analyzing data, and creating reports for users of the information (program directors, executive leadership, external stakeholders, etc.) as well as creating and maintaining relevant databases.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

1. Database development and management
Independently creating and managing research databases. Analyze data using software applications such as SPSS or other statistical applications. Data will be entered, or imported from the organizations electronic health record. Responsibilities include managing, cleaning and programming; specifically, coding, cleaning, debugging and documentation of programs.

2. Data Analysis
Independently conduct basic and advanced statistical analysis analyzing data using several statistical software packages such as SPSS.

3. Creating reports and presentations
Report creation and interpretation of statistical results as well as presentation of findings into formats for internal and external audiences will be expected.

4. Grants
Coordinating the grants submission and implementation program by (1) Supporting RFP and grant applications; (2) Looking for grant opportunities and opportunities to collaborate with Universities

5. Relationships
Maintain relationships with universities, funders and other agencies and professional organizations by (1) Seeking out and maintaining relationships with partners for the purposes of joint research grants/projects; (2) Acting as a resource for the organization by disseminating important information obtained through review of new research, conference proceedings, etc.

6. Promote Organizational Research Agenda of the Social Research & Innovation Center
Provide intellectual leadership through information dissemination and training; publishing in peer-reviewed journals; and presenting at local or national conferences. Assist with marketing the research efforts of the Social Research & Innovation Center.

7. Research, Evaluation, and QI
Participate in research and evaluation projects by (1) Supporting progress on project plans for reporting projects; (2) Providing regional departmental consultation and support relevant to evaluation and QI activities, and (3) Assisting with complex research or evaluation projects involving design, data collection and analysis and report writing.

Essential Competencies

1. Partnership/Relationship Skills: Builds positive and productive relationships with a diverse population; demonstrates cultural sensitivity and effective interpersonal skills; establishes and maintains appropriate rapport and partnerships with supervisors, consumer family members and colleagues inside and outside the organization.

2. Managing within Service Systems: Understands internal and external service systems and advocates diplomatically for the benefit of children and families; knows how to organize people and activities to get things done; can see opportunities for collaboration and integration.

3. Professional/Self-Development: Actively works to increase knowledge and skills; learns quickly from successes and failures; is open to the challenge of learning from new assignments; is self-aware, knows his/her strengths and limitations, and defines areas for development; seeks guidance and is open to feedback; responsive to mentoring and supervision.

4. Time Management: Uses time efficiently and plans wells; concentrates efforts on important priorities while attending to a broad range of activities.

5. Team Leadership: provides direction; clarifies goals and timelines; supports individual team members; fosters open communication and builds cohesive team work; acknowledges and values team members’ contribution

6. Self-Directed: self-started, self-motivated, and energetic; takes initiative and accesses appropriate resources; develops goals action plans; willing champion an idea or position.

7. Project Management: must have experience in deadline-driven environments

8. Statistical analysis skills: able to do statistical analysis with relevant computer applications (SPSS, etc.)

Essential Qualifications

1. Education/Credentials/Licensure:
a) Master’s Degree in Psychology, Research Methodology, Education, Social Work, Public Administration, Public Health or related field required.
b) Valid driver’s license and current insurance

2. Experience:
a) A minimum of two years’ experience in planning, managing and leading applied research projects, with a proven track record of publishing in peer-reviewed journals.
b) Statistical analysis skills using SPSS and project management experience in deadline-driven environments.

3. Clearances. State Police/FBI clearance per state regulation; Child Abuse clearance

Working Conditions

1. Physical Demands. Requires vision, speech, and hearing and a moderate to high level of physical activity including; sitting, standing, walking lifting and carrying as required.

2. Environmental Factors. School, community, residence, office

3. Working Hours. A traditional work schedule as defined by department needs.


This is job description is not intended to represent an employment contract. The elements of this description are subject to modification by management and may not represent all responsibilities and duties necessary to carry out the job of the Research Coordinator.

Exempt/Non Exempt Statement

I understand that this position is considered to be an "exempt" position as defined by the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act. This job is exempt from overtime pay as described in the Pressley Ridge Employee Handbook.


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