Welcome ACRC Member

Welcome to the new world of ACRC-the electronic version! We have finally caught up with the times and would like to invite you, our esteemed members, to have a look around your new area. I also ask that you update your profile here on the web site. I know I ask you to do this in a lot of different formats, but this one is for your own benefit! If you click on "Edit Your Profile" above, you will have an opportunity to create a log-in name and password that would be easier for you to remember. Please note: There is only one log-in name and password per member agency. Please use this as you see fit with your staff. Individual members: we ask that you only use your log-in and password yourself. If you have a colleague that is interested in the Members Only portion of the site, please consider agency membership. You would receive extra benefits as well! This part of the web site will be evolving for awhile, so please email me with your comments, questions, suggestions, or concerns. In the meantime, please enjoy what we have for you so far. Regards, Kari Sisson, Executive Director ksisson@aacrc-dc.org