Children's Home of Jefferson County

(315) 788-7430

Located on our State Street Campus, the Residential Treatment Center provides a therapeutic, structured environment for at-risk youth between the ages of 10 and 17. Children and teens are placed in the program through New York State family court systems. An individualized treatment plan, facilitated by a caseworker, is developed for each resident. The plan establishes specific activities, objectives, and goals geared to the development of the skills necessary for the individual to meet life’s challenges and become a positive, contributing member of society.

Supervision is provided 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The treatment team for each resident includes not only a caseworker, but trained direct care staff, clinicians, and educators. Those enrolled in the program attend local public schools, receive individual and group counseling, participate in supervised recreational activities, attend life skills and independent living classes, engage in community volunteerism, and/or work in paying jobs off-campus. Residents have family visitation both in the community and on campus within their treatment plan.

Each resident’s treatment team monitors the child’s progress and maintains weekly contact with the youth’s parents or guardians. To promote a smooth transition upon a Jefferson, Lewis or St. Lawrence county resident’s discharge, the youth is able to be enrolled in the Children’s Home Aftercare Program, which provides follow up care and continued services as needed.

The Recreation Program offers the residents the opportunity to learn leadership and team building skills as well as anger management through many on and off-campus activities including: hiking, mountain climbing/biking, kayaking, intramural basketball league, golf, tennis, over-night camping trips, ropes course and much more.