Lakemary Center

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Today Lakemary is a well established agency with a national reputation for quality whose services touch the lives of over 600 individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities each year. Over 100 students currently receive primary and secondary education at Lakemary's school, with 64 of the children residing on campus year-round in Lakemary's Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program (PRTF). An additional 250 children receive services through community outreach programs including foster care, service coordination and outpatient therapy. Our adult program serves 120 individuals in residential settings throughout Johnson and Miami counties and over 200 in vocational programming.

Referrals come from a number of sources including families, home school districts, other social service agencies, and mental health professionals.

From early intervention for at-risk young people to retirement supports for older adults - Lakemary provides a lifetime of opportunities for those we serve.