St. Joseph's Children's Home

(307) 532-4197

St. Joseph's Children's Home is a private, non-profit psychiatric residential treatment facility (PRTF) for youth ages six to eighteen that has been providing quality services to youth and families since 1930.

Providing psychiatric residential services for up to 62 youth, St. Joseph's offers a complete Psychiatric Residential Treatment Program in its main facility or acute stabilization and comprehensive evaluations at the Newell Children's Center.  Both secured and open campuses are available, with 24-hour supervision, social skills training, psychotherapy, educational services and chemical dependency services provided by over 100 professional staff members.

The children referred to St. Joseph's exhibit a variety of serious concerns including physical and sexual abuse or parental neglect, depression and suicide attempts, oppositional behavior and defiance of authority, runaway and substance abuse problems, excessive fear and anger, aggressive or sexually inappropriate behavior, and involvement with the juvenile court system.  St. Joseph's exists to help residents identify challenges and develop the action plans necessary to assist in resolving problems.  Support for the transformation of our residents into productive adults flows from openness, honesty, encouragement and providing all the tools necessary for this to occur.

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