Stevens Treatment Programs

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Stevens Treatment Programs is a private, non-profit corporation, operating a continuum of therapeutic residential programs as well as community and home-based transitional services. Stevens’ programs include a Chapter 766-approved Residential Treatment Center and Special Education School, a campus-based Intensive Group Home, and a community-based Transitional Living Group Home. Stevens also has available community and home-based services to assist youth and their families making transitions from and within our residential programs.

Overview of Programs & Services

Stevens serves youth with behavioral and emotional problems that present serious treatment concerns. Our programs provide structured, therapeutic environments that are safe and secure. A trauma-informed, cognitive/behavioral approach gives youth the tools to be in control, to trust others, and prepares them for successful transitions to families and communities.

Stevens’ youth-guided and family-driven programs are committed to positive outcomes. We believe that offering a pathway to a new beginning provides a chance for an improved future.