LaSalle School, Albany ACEs Symposium

Event Host: 
LaSalle School
Wednesday, April 29, 2020 - 9:00am to 3:00pm



Adam J. Foss, JD

Former Assistant DA, Suffolk County District Attorney's Office Juvenile Division, Boston, MA Founder & Executive Director, Prosecutor Impact (PI), Boston, MA

Adam J. Foss is a fierce advoate for criminal justice reform and the importance of the role of the prosecutor in ending mass incarceration. Mr. Foss’s belief that the profession of prosecution is ripe for reinvention requiring better incentives and more measurable metrics for success beyond, simply, “cases won” led him to found Prosecutor Impact, a non-profit that develops training and curriculum for prosecutors to reframe their role in the criminal justice system. His presentation to 2020 Capital Region ACE Symposium attendees will help practitioners
pivot from ACEs, specifically, and toward equity and resilience building, RTA and additional Juvenile Justice System (JJS) reforms. In 2016, Mr. Foss delivered a TED talk entitled “A Prosecutor’s Vision for a Better Justice System” has eclipsed two million views. In 2018, he appeared in the critically-acclaimed CNN feature-length documentary “American Jail.” 

Gregory G. Owens, LMSW

Deputy Commissioner/Dir., Office of Youth Justice, NYS Division of Criminial Justice Services, Albandy NY

Gregory G. Owens’ leadership roles in NYS have included responsibility for statewide initiatives, including mentoring, youth gangs and violence efforts, disproportionate minority representation, race equity and cultural competence and responsible fatherhood. His presentation at the 2020 Capital Region ACEs  Symposium will discuss the diversity of people and perspectives, the power of inclusion and voice in an organizational culture and the equity that can be realized when policy, practice and position come together to promote differences and inclusiveness. In over 30 years with the State of New York, he has held many management and leadership positions. He is also a trainer in leadership development, and the mind science of bias, anxiety and threat. He has presented and spoken throughout the United States and abroad. His credo is “Never Give Up. Never, Ever, Ever Give Up!”




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