St. Anne's

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Mission Statement
Working together to build safe, nurturing and resilient families –– from pregnancy to parenthood and childhood to adulthood –– for generations to come.

Thriving families. Brighter future.

St. Anne’s has a strong history of service, provided with hope and compassion. We believe:

very family can be empowered to meet its full potential.

  • Every family can be empowered to meet its full potential.
  • Every family deserves a home, and to be healthy and safe from harm.
  • Every family is accorded respect and dignity.
  • Education is a pathway to lifelong learning and achieving self-sufficiency.
  • Parents and their children can cultivate a strong sense of family.
  • Our work is guided by faith-based principles of generosity, humility, service, reverence, prayer and love.

Driven by our mission, vision, and values, St. Anne’s philosophy is to provide strengths-based, culturally relevant, and trauma-informed care and services to meet the individual needs of each child, youth and family we serve. Using a collaborative, multi-disciplinary approach, St. Anne’s draws upon the natural supports of each participant to build independence, self-sufficiency, and resiliency so that each child and family may thrive and achieve their optimal potential.