Function and Flexibility: Letting Your “Why” Define Your “How”

This presentation will focus on the ways in which organizational leadership and supervisory staff can recast roles within their organizations to focus on the function of these roles in the wider context of work in their communities. By challenging assumptions about who must do what, leadership can find more efficient ways to continually develop staff who work at the top of their competency. Further, by allowing the values and purpose of different roles within the organization to dictate the function of those roles, leaders can evaluate staff performance in a way that is reinforcing of the shared core values across the organization; they can distribute resources with greater precision in terms of staff competency-development; and they can provide coaching in a way that is more explicitly connected to the organizational mission.


Peggy McElgunn, Esq

President/CEO , Proven Quality Practices


Zachary McElgunn

VP Education , Proven Quality Practices