Gayle Wiler

Gayle Wiler , ACRC Board of Directors

Parent Voice, Parent Advocate

Assistant VP, Peer to Peer Support, Hathaway-Sycamores

Pasadena, CA

Gayle is the Director of Peer Support for Hathaway-Sycamores Residential and RBS Programs. Gayle comes to her present position with a broad range of personal and professional experiences. Her son was in multiple residential settings and transitioned home successfully with Wraparound services. This experience lead to her educational and professional pursuits as a Family and Youth Advocate dedicated to residential reform, community based wraparound services, and family search and engagement. Prior to her current position, Gayle served as Program Manager at the Family Involvement Center in Phoenix, AZ.; Senior Coordinator at United Advocates for Children and Families in Sacramento, CA.; and the National Technical Assistant Center and for SAMHSA; Consultant and Trainer for the Departments of Mental Health and Social Service; and Residential Wraparound/Aftercare Coordinator in a System of Care project in Northern CA. Gayle and her son were also involved in designing Residential Based Service reform in CA., as the statewide youth and family advisors.