Families First Update - Members Only Webinar

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ACRC & Moderator Neal Sternberg
Wednesday, July 11, 2018 - 2:00pm to 3:00pm

FFPSA Update and ACF Request for Comment

You may have already seen that on Friday, June 22nd, the Administration for Children and Families released a request for public comment regarding the implementation of the Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). Specifically, ACF is requesting feedback regarding the selection process for programs and services to include in the FFPSA-mandated Clearinghouse of evidence-based practices that will be eligible for Title IV-E funding under the prevention provision of the law.

Because we have members who provide services to children and families across the continuum of care, we are creating our response as an organization, and we want your input! We look forward to partnering with you to craft a collaborative response that supports access to a robust array of ACF-approved, evidence-based services to meet individual child and family needs.

Please join our webinar on July 11th at 2pm CST. We will give a FFSPA update and discuss our ACF response. You may send your thoughts to ACRC through an email before the webinar or during the webinar using WebEx system.

This webinar opportunity is for ACRC members only. Thank you for your understanding.

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Here is the overview of what the Children's Bureau is requesting:

"HHS is developing initial criteria that will be used to designate programs and services as promising, supported, and well-supported practices. HHS will also identify a preliminary list of candidate services and programs that will be considered for systematic review.

This Notice
(1) identifies and requests comment on potential initial criteria for
(a) identifying eligible programs and services for review by the Clearinghouse,
(b) prioritizing eligible programs and services for review,
(c) identifying eligible studies aligned with prioritized programs and services,
(d) prioritizing eligible studies for rating,
(e) rating studies, and
(f) rating programs and services as promising, supported, and well-supported practices.

(2) requests comment on potential programs and services that may meet the aforementioned criteria and that should be considered as candidates for systematic review. After comments are received, HHS will revise and publish the initial criteria and a preliminary list of candidate programs and services to be considered for review; and begin to conduct reviews."

ACF's goal is to create a process that is "transparent and build(s) from the existing knowledge of States, federal agencies, researchers, evaluators, program and service developers, key stakeholders and experts, and the general public."

This is the link to the announcement, and feedback is due to ACF by July 22nd, for programs who wish to respond independently: