Webinar: Family Finding

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ACRC & Moderator Neal Sternberg
Monday, November 19, 2018 - 11:00am to 1:00pm


Our purpose in Family Finding is to restore the opportunity for all youth in the care system to be unconditionally loved, to be accepted and to be safe in a family and community. This training will answer the question: How can we remove the systemic barriers that block children and adolescents living in out-of-home care from maintaining or reestablishing contact and relationships with those that love them? The “family finding” model implements extraordinary frameworks outside of traditional child welfare practice that may help us rethink what is possible in terms of improving safety, well-being, and permanency outcomes for these important youth.

One of the foundational beliefs that the Family Finding model is built on is that every young person has an immediate and extended family, and they can be found if we try. No caseworker fails to see the effects on their client of this experience or wants youth and young adults to be discharged to the community without the support and affection of caring, safe adults. But in our current practice model this continues to be what happens for far too many youth and young adults. Family Finding provides an alternative that has been shown for a remarkably high percentage of  these youth in the United States and Canada to create an opportunity for different experiences for youth in care and young adults who have left the care system.

The Network or Team you bring together is the resource or context that provides the possibility of parents, children and adolescents reaching a sufficient state of readiness to in fact benefit from time intensive and expensive health care and social service interventions. To accept, you must see the importance of rapidly creating these networks and fostering their full participation and voice in the recovery processes for individuals and families. To fail to do this is to recreate the system and outcomes we now struggle with. 

Presenter: Kevin Campbell is an internationally known youth permanency expert, founder of the Center for Family Finding and Youth Connectedness, and developer of Family Finding, a set of strategies now utilized throughout the US and Canada to establish lifelong supports for youth in foster care.  


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