Webinar: Residential Intervention to Advance Permanency for Transition-Age Youth

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ACRC & Moderator Neal Sternberg
Friday, March 15, 2019 - 11:00am to 1:00pm


Plummer Youth Promise (formerly Plummer Home) and The Home for Little Wanderers, both well-regarded, long-time residential providers of child welfare services in Massachusetts have changed their fundamental intervention approach with youth referred to their programs. They recognized that although demonstrating individual treatment gains while in the program and increased levels of skill in being prepared to live on their own, older youth were all too often not transitioning to stable family and community living situations or safe and committed family relationships that would help them sustain their gains. Driven by dissatisfaction with the discharge status of many older youth when leaving their programs, the level and lasting impact of disconnection of youth from family and community and the poor young adulthood outcomes documented by longitudinal findings from the Midwest Study[1], both organizations sought new solutions.

Over the past five years, they have embarked on a shift in their practice to strategically advance permanency for each youth – a safe and emotionally secure parenting relationship and a lifelong, legal family – recognizing it as foundational to long-term safety and well-being. Guided by evidence-informed practices as well as practice-based evidence, Plummer and The Home re-calibrated their vision, mission and intervention models, strategically trained, prepared and supported their workforce in making this shift and fine-tuned their data tracking and reporting to focus on permanency outcomes.

This webinar will highlight the benefits and challenges of this organizational shift in practice, key strategies and tools employed as well as preliminary outcomes in transforming residential-based intervention from preparing older youth in care to live on their own to engaging youth and caring adults in the relational importance of family and parenting as central to successful adulthood. The experiences of these two organizations will be shared from multiple perspectives by featuring a panel comprised of an older youth, parent, direct care staff member, clinician and manager – moderated by the lead presenter.

The unique blend of voices and roles represented on the panel is essential to the overall and ongoing success of both organizations’ progress toward the goal of enhancing safe permanency and well-being for all youth referred. Youth and parent participants will highlight the importance of their voices in permanency planning and being meaningfully prepared for and included in decision-making. The clinical perspective will include examples of how to apply national best permanency practices such as family search and engagement, youth-guided and family-driven teaming and permanency readiness in the work with both youth and family. From the direct care staff point of view, attention will be paid to operationalizing permanency work “on the floor”, using milieu relationships and daily teaching moments with youth to increase their openness to, participation in and management of positive family interactions and lasting family relationships. Lastly, a top-level manager will speak to the importance of setting vision, providing strategic leadership, promoting momentum in the change process and adequately resourcing the change effort in order to maximize its success.

Today, both Plummer Youth Promise and The Home for Little Wanderers remain firmly committed to and imbedded in ongoing activities – on all organizational levels – to use residential intervention as a primary opportunity to advocate for and intervene in strengthening, creating and supporting safe and emotionally secure parenting relationships and a lifelong, legal family for transition-age youth as well as youth of all ages in their respective programs.

Presenters: Lauren Frey, MSW, LICSW, Director of Permanency Practice Leadership, Plummer Youth Promise & Lesli Suggs, LICSW, President & CEO, The Home for Little Wanderers


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