Associate Director of Residential Services - Sonia Shankman Orthogenic School - Chicago, IL

  • Posted on: 25 September 2019
  • By: Amanda Prange

Title: Associate Director of Residential Services
Reports To: Executive Director

General Summary:
This Leadership position includes regular Board involvement and interaction and, in this capacity, will be in the position for further advancement as the needs of the organization change and expand. The Associate Director reports directly to the Executive Director and oversees the Residential Program and its clinical effectiveness. This role includes extensive supervision, guidance and leadership of a team of clinicians, counselors to ensure their capacity to meet the needs of 40-45 students with extraordinary emotional and psychiatric needs, and their families, as well as the requirements of all external partners. The Associate Director will oversee operational aspects of the organization to ensure consistency between mission and implementation at all levels and as a member of the school’s leadership will be responsible for representing the O-School at local, national conferences and external organizations. The Associate Director will collaborate with the Principal and other faculty to ensure a seamless and consistent delivery of service throughout the 365, 24 x 7 , Residential Program. As a Leader within the milieu the Associate Director will exemplify and promote continuous learning among the faculty and staff and will engender ongoing programmatic evaluation, growth and improvement. The Associate Director will serve as a role model in all ways and will demonstrate cultural competency, sensitivity, ensuring the highest respect and dignity at all levels.

Essential Functions:
Residential Program Leadership
Remain current in best practice for Leadership and Organizational Development and exemplify leadership across the milieu. Collaborate extensively with the Clinical Director and the Principal. Set all Residential Leadership meeting agendas, lead meetings and guide leadership process to include consistent process across all 5 dorms. Establish a standard of self-respect and social responsibility through modeling, presence and supportive redirection. Oversee personnel selection, supervision practices, and ongoing training and evaluation for the Residential personnel. Oversee all aspects of daily dormitory plans in a manner that provides for the safety and general well- being of students, ensuring adequate support and oversight for 24 hours of care, while promoting ambitious, yet clinically sensitive programming. Oversee all documentation related to Residential Treatment including but not limited to: contact logs and therapy notes, progress reports, and intake and discharge paperwork. Ensure processes for documentation are in place that foster timely completion, high quality and adequately address the school’s programming goals and strategic initiatives. Represent the school and students at identified treatment meetings and foster a learning environment that fully engages residential leadership to the benefit of the school, the students and their families. Guide the Residential Leadership- Dorm Managers and a Crisis Intervention Team - to develop and implement innovative programming that reflects the school’s mission and values in every aspect of the day, including overnight and weekend programming. Work with the team to establish and implement staff scheduling practices that are always fully aligned with identified program goals and ensure safety and optimal therapeutic support. Exhibit leadership in dormitory and school activities including but not limited to: birthdays, holidays, new student arrivals, all school events, graduations and other student departures.

Compliance and Development
Assume a leadership role in the local and nationwide licensure and accreditation processes related to the O-School. This will include but is not limited to IL-DCFS and COA. In collaboration with the School Principal, this will include but is not limited to ISBE, and licensure and compliance standards from other state boards as appropriate and necessary. Supervises the compilation of data included in the School’s unusual Incident Reports and interacts with the Board Committee that monitors these incidents. Supports Development initiatives, including grant submission. Cultivate corporate, individual and foundation sponsors in order to promote program goals.

General Operations
Assume leadership and directly supervise aspects of the ancillary operations that impact and support the Residential Program and School. This may include, but is not limited to: aspects of building, grounds, security, medical, nursing, dining and administration. Although these may be considered ancillary, the O-School deeply values and relies upon these operations and their contributions to the overall milieu and therefore it essential that they work in concert with the therapeutic programming and that all the care and thought that is evident in the programming is also reflected in these organizational supports. This will include direct supervision of both full time and contracted personnel, establishing necessary protocols and tactics to ensure seamless implementation.

Join in leading the mission and vision of the O-School to ensure the highest quality experience at all times. Work with the Finance Department to develop and manage budget ensuring program viability and allocate resources to meet current and projected program growth. Utilize sound budgetary skills, aligning revenues to expenses. Maintain consistent census and establish and meet census goals as appropriate. Develop a high performing Residential Leadership Team and play an active role in attracting, retaining a world class staff.

Strategic Planning, Program Development and Innovation
Collaborate with O-School Leadership to identify the long-term strategic direction and areas of operational growth across the organization. Develop, articulate and fully implement strategic initiatives within the Residential program and other divisions of operational oversight that can be tracked, measured and are fully aligned the school’s mission and principles. Responsible for ensuring ongoing quality improvement. Forecasts evolving trends in terms of emerging needs in special education and mental health fields and introduces, in collaboration with the Clinical Director, new practices into the milieu as appropriate.

Communication and Marketing
Demonstrate extraordinary communication skills in every way. Maintain consistent communication practices internally with colleagues and as a supervision practice and when representing the school or students at meetings. Establish communication practices and expectations so that external stakeholders , families, Board Members and others receive timely and informative reports. Represents the school at national, trade, marketing or membership meetings as needed. Contribute to Research, Communications and Marketing efforts, and Continuous learning, an organizational priority, by preparing high level presentations, blogs and articles or scholarly journals and by fostering such growth among colleagues and those supervised. Regularly and consistently present to and interact with the Board of Directors. Ensure that Board of Directors is regularly informed of organizational matters, key events, program successes and priorities.

Milieu Maintenance
Participate in the development of policies and procedures for all-school programming, residential and dorm programming. Collaborate with the School Principal. Manage and assume on-call responsibilities consistent with a 365, 24 x 7 organization. Model therapeutic and effective interactions with the students and the staff. Complete other duties as assigned by the Executive Director.

The individual selected for this role will represent a balance of clinical insight, administrative skills, as well as organizational leadership and will have an educational and professional background to match. Ideally, this individual will hold a clinical/educational or medical license and will have advanced education in organizational leadership.

Minimum of Master’s Level in relevant field(s) and five years of successful senior leadership experience with a demonstrated record of building successful programming poised for growth. Must have extensive knowledge of the working dynamics of a 365 24 x 7 organization and programming and a commitment to social impact organizations. Must have solid, hands-on budget management skills. Strong motivational and staff leadership, including essential supervision skills and abilities are required. Must demonstrate ability to collaborate and work on a team. Excellent sense of humor, integrity and impeccable work ethic are a must.

Nonprofit leadership experience preferred; Doctorate in Clinical, Educational or Medical field preferred; Licensure in Education, Psychology, Social Work or Related Field Preferred; Experience working with children and families strongly preferred;

Proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel required; excellent oral and written communication skills required; a strong commitment to strength perspective, empowering families and a willingness to work in a high demanding work situation that requires flexibility and innovation; cultural competency required; physical capacity to be trained in and to utilize non-violent physical intervention techniques required.

A thoughtful cover letter, resume and/or CV and writing sample are required to be considered for this position.

Must have the ability to attend to both the children and their families as well as the members of the Residential Team to ensure effective and efficient daily operations in the dorm and across the extended milieu. Must have the ability to prioritize and problem solve from an individual and systemic perspective. Must be able to attend to details consistently without losing sight of the broader organizational goals. Must be able to inspire and cultivate talent in order to support a community of learning and promote leadership in the field of mental health and special education.

Physical Demands: Must possess the stamina necessary to help run an around the clock treatment program. Must have the physical capacity to be trained in and to utilize non-violent physical intervention techniques, if needed. Must have the physical ability to monitor and supervise an active group of children ranging in age from 6-21 with severe mental health challenges or diagnosed on the Autism spectrum.

To Apply: