Behavior Specialist – Latham Centers


Brewster, MA

Provide behavior management of students using CPI, in conjunction with teachers, teacher aides and residential staff. High School diploma or GED, a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record are all required for this position. Must have strong therapeutic behavior management skills and exhibit ambulatory ability sufficient to physically intervene in instances of extreme behavior that might jeopardize the safety of students and staff.

Hours Schedule / $17.80 per hour
40 Wed, Thurs, Fri 1p-10p, Sat 8a-9p
32 Sun 9a-11p, Mon, Tues 2p-11p
38 Wed 1p-9p, Thurs, Fri 2p-10p, Sat 8a-10p
40 Wed-Fri, 1p-10p, Sat 8a-9p
40 Wed – Fri 1p-10p, Sat 9a-10p
33 Thurs, Fri 2p-11p, Sat 8a-11p
34 Mon, Tues 2p-11p, Sun 9a-11p