Chief Business Development and Government Affairs Officer – Pressley Ridge



Title:                                  Chief Business Development and Government Affairs Officer
Status:                               Full-time, Regular, Exempt
Location:                          Remote
Reports to:                       Chief Executive Officer

This is a remote position.

Position Summary

Reporting to the President and CEO, the position is responsible for leading business development and the organizational governmental relations efforts. He/she will identify, develop, and foster relationships to support long-term and short-term growth priorities, which are aligned with Pressley Ridge’s strategic plan and support the organization’s mission and future success.

The position will advocate for the strategic development, alignment, and successful deployment of initiatives designed to provide enhanced value; improve care delivery, efficiency, and access; increase referrals; and provide new and diversified sources of revenue. He/she will serve as the primary source of collective market and business intelligence, incorporating state-of-the-art decision support/analytics with a disciplined process of program development while championing a culture of execution across the Pressley Ridge continuum.

Strategic Business Development

The position will have a deep understanding of the human services market, associated demand and the competitive business environment. He/she will identify targeted new revenue sources and will design and implement in collaboration with senior leadership growth strategies and new programs that fill identified gaps and increase access to safe high-quality and exceptional services.  He or she will demonstrate sound integrated, innovative thinking skills that translate into actionable initiatives with proven business return on investments.

  • Oversee the agency’s business development process, and help the organization develop the necessary business development capacity to compete for new contracts and business in the nonprofit world.
  • Assist in gathering necessary information or data regarding opportunities. Building the capacity to respond to RFPs with proposal writers and subject matter experts.
  • Develop the capacity to analyze and make good business decisions about whether to pursue opportunities and develop the capacity to execute winning contracts.
  • Spearhead aggressive collaborative marketing efforts in order to gain maximum benefit from each program.
  • Enhance the development and use of integrated business intelligence and planning processes and tools to support evidence-based analysis, decision making and outcome measurement.
  • Enhance business planning, analytics, performance improvement and project management tools to support senior leadership and successfully executing measuring growth strategies. He or she will create forms and methods across PR for incubating and prototyping new ideas for growth.
  • Improve internal business development operations and provide training, mentoring and education to PR staff to help support skill and business development and strategic planning.
  • Support existing States and Executive Directors in  which Pressley Ridge currently provides services  for ongoing expansion opportunities including priorities, financial projections, and milestones

Governmental Affairs

This position will proactively cultivate and manage Pressley Ridges’ relationships with governmental agencies and elected officials on the local, state, and federal level; support efforts to advocate for Pressley Ridges’ clients with government leaders and advocate for appropriations to support Pressley Ridge programs

  • Promote state, local, and federal laws, legislation and public policy wherever needed to promote and advance the mission and goals of Pressley Ridge.
  • Monitor pertinent state legislation that may impact our work with children and families, and coordinate policy positions on pending state legislation with Executive team members, state Directors and other statewide child welfare advocacy organizations.
  • Attend events and governmental hearings on behalf of the President and CEO when directed.
  • Work closely with colleagues at National Headquarters, and local pro bono lobbyists to ensure alignment with Pressley Ridges’ mission and effective collaboration in all aspects of program fundraising, community relations, and other state leadership responsibilities

Mergers & Acquisitions

Proactively search for mergers, acquisitions, or partnerships to enhance the Pressley Ridge Service Array and/or growth plan:

  • Identify potential merger and acquisition opportunities for the organization that match the culture and mission and values of Pressley Ridge.
  • Research and screen potential M&A opportunities and make recommendations to the President and CEO regarding targets.
  • Engage in dialogue and discussions with targets’ key parties to evaluate prospects.
  • With the President and CEO and executive team, negotiate terms that will result in a definitive agreement.
  • Establish timelines and facilitate dialogue between parties that will result in a successful acquisition process.
  • Ensure that the Merger and Acquisitions are seamlessly integrated into the operations of Pressley Ridge.

Special Projects

Support special projects as assigned by the President and CEO

Essential Competencies

  1. Communication Skills: able to write and speak clearly in a professional manner on a level appropriate for the intended recipient.
  1. Flexibility. Willingness to work independently and travel to assigned locations as needed.
  1. Computer Skills: Excellent computer skills and proficiency in Microsoft applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
  2. Time Management and Organizational Skills: Uses time efficiently and plans well; concentrates effort on important priorities while attending to a broad range of unrelated activities.
  1. Multiple Tasks. Proficiency in coordinating and directing multiple tasks
  1. Professional/Self-Development actively works to increase knowledge and skills; learns quickly from successes and failures; is open to the challenge of learning from new assignments; is self-aware, knows his/her strengths and limitations, and defines areas for development; seeks guidance and is open to feedback; responsive to mentoring and supervision.
  2. Integrity/Ethics is the consummate professional; maintains appropriate boundaries; accepts responsibility for own behaviors and shortcomings;  is truthful; admits when s/he is wrong or makes mistake and learns from those mistakes; adheres to organizational values and principles; maintains high standards; is a positive role model.
  1. Results/Outcome Orientation: Can be counted on to meet or exceed service outcomes and productivity goals.
  1. Interpersonal Skills: Builds positive and productive relationships with a diverse population; establishes and maintains appropriate rapport with supervisors, consumer family members and colleagues inside and outside the organization. Has a customer service orientation
  2. Decision Quality/Problem Solving: Solves problems effectively; makes decisions based on a mixture of analysis of facts, experience, and good judgment.
  3. Team Player: is seen as a cooperative and collaborative team player; is approachable and open to feedback; willing to give feedback and hold other team members accountable; shares information and contributes ideas and opinions; values others’ contribution; appreciates individual differences and demonstrates cultural sensitivity; is committed to the team’s goals.

Essential Qualifications

  1. Education/Credentials/Licensure.
    1. Degree from an accredited college or university;  Master’s Degree preferred
  2. Experience.
    1. At least seven (7) years’ experience in a professional position with knowledge of business development, government relations, federal and state policy making, federal and state funding and regulatory requirements.
    2. This position requires demonstrated experience in developing new business opportunities, as well as the ability to manage growth opportunities in the area of mergers and acquisitions.
  3. Clearances. State Police/FBI per state regulations; Child Protection

Working Conditions

  1. Physical Demands. Requires vision, speech, and hearing
  2. Environmental. Office.
  3. Working Hours. Typically normal business hours with flexibility to meet the position’s and organization’s needs.
  4. Travel. Valid drivers’ license and insurance. Ability to travel to various federal and state offices as well as other locations as required. Amount will vary.


This is a job description and is not intended to represent an employment contract. The elements of this description are subject to modification by management and may not represent all responsibilities and duties necessary to carry out the job of the Business Development-Government Affairs Officer.

Exempt vs/ Non-Exempt Statement

I understand that this position is considered to be an “exempt” position as defined by the U.S. Fair Labor Standards Act.  This job is exempt from overtime pay as described in the Pressley Ridge Employee Handbook.