Executive Director – Pressley Ridge


Delaware / Maryland

Title:                        Executive Director
Status:                     Full-time, Regular, Exempt
Location:                  Delaware/ Maryland
Reports to:               President/ CEO

Position Summary:

The Executive Director (ED) provides leadership to the region, specifically Delaware and Maryland, and to organization, and is responsible for all administrative, budgetary and programmatic functions in accordance with the organization’s Values, Vision, and Mission.  The ED is responsible for knowing national and state policies and regulations as well as the community needs that impact services or create opportunities for children and families.  The ED ensures that the applicable regulatory requirements are met and assures the delivery of high-quality services to all children, youth, and families.  The ED is also responsible for developing the direction of programs and services and adapting those needs as circumstances or situations change.  This position supervises senior directors (if applicable) and program directors, and collaborates with administrative departments within the organization and those assigned to the region.  The Executive Director provides input into executive policy decisions and works with the Executive Team to develop and meet strategic goals for the organization and region.  The ED works closely with the Maryland Board of Directors and the Maryland Advisory Board.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities

  1. Service Delivery

Ensures ongoing local programmatic excellence through rigorous program evaluation and consistent quality of administration and systems.  To this end, the Executive Director must:

  • Attract, develop, coach, and retain high performance teams at all levels
  • Establish yearly targets for Senior Directors and Program Directors, monitor regularly, update and modify as needed. Hold staff accountable to goals and targets and require that they do the same
  • Work with teams to develop systems to ensure consistent, high-quality services
  • Collaborate with all support department staff for their region and communicate desired outcomes
  • Assure that services are provided within the organization’s clinical model, driven by Pressley Ridge values and principles of Re-Education
  • Recommend timelines and resources needed to achieve the organization’s strategic goals.
  • Assure a culture of Performance Improvement at all levels
  1. Regulatory and Legal Compliance

Responsible for remaining current on all state specific, accreditation, regulatory, and managed care requirements related to provided services and programs.   To this end the Executive Director must:

  • Know regulatory expectations for service areas and programs
  • Assure staff accreditation
  • Know managed care requirements
  • Prioritize audits (internal and external) and assure appropriate changes in systems
  • Communicate strengths and weaknesses to executive team and address challenges as necessary
  1. Financial Management

Provides leadership to ensure the effective management of resources.  Provides oversight of fiscal management sufficient to ensure that financial revenue and margin targets are met or exceeded.  To this end the Executive Director must:

  • Establish reasonable and obtainable budgets
  • Understand funding sources and expectations
  • Meet annual budget
  • Communicate changes in funding
  • Instill a sense of financial accountability
  1. Communication

Communicates effectively and efficiently inside and outside of the organization.  Is the face and voice of Pressley Ridge in their respective region.  To this end the Executive Director must:

  • Communicate direction of the organization to staff within their geographic area; responds verbally and in person to the needs of leaders, teams, and individual staff members.
  • Assure continuous communication with the Executive Team regarding emerging trends and issues relevant to strategic and corporate goals
  • Work with support staff to determine the best way to communicate information and share knowledge
  • Assure external communications in their region are consistent with organization expectations
  • Speak on behalf of the organization at local events, meetings and in crisis situations
  • Take and makes opportunities to speak at local and national conferences
  1. Development of Relationships and Partnerships/Community Presence

Builds rapport and relationships with all local stakeholders to promote current programming, the needs of youth and families being served and to better understand local issues and develop services and supports accordingly.   Develop strategies to increase community impact through improved understanding of needs and regional challenges.  To this end the Executive Director must:

  • Ensure representation on state level or regional level provider, funder, and advocacy groups
  • Develop positive relationships with referrals sources and funders
  • Seek out and engage key state and local political figures
  • Determine fiscal and political support for services to children and families
  • Develop knowledge of competitors and leaders of those organizations
  • Engage local civic groups and encourage participation in local activities by employees
  • Gain insight into Pressley Ridge’s standing with current stakeholders and partners and potential for improving/expanding partnerships
  • Focus on growth of partnerships to enhance and expand footprint
  1. Planning and New Business

Assures the long-term viability of the organization as a well-respected provider of services through maintenance of familiarity with youth care trends at local, state, national, and international levels; initiating and supervising expansion projects in response to demonstrated needs; assisting in the organization and participating in regular long range and strategic planning initiatives with Pressley Ridge leadership.  To this end the Executive Director must:

  • Expand local revenue generating activities to support existing program operations and regional expansion
  • Use external presence and relationships to garner new opportunities
  • Complete business plans around all new activities based on data; use resources to gather information
  • Be an external local and national presence that publishes and communicates program results with an emphasis on the successes of the local program as a model for regional and national replication

Essential Competencies

  1. Problem Solving. Must have the ability to identify problems and issues of varying complexities and to find effective solutions with few guidelines or assistance.
  2. Must work as a productive member of a cohesive group toward a common goal and contributes to team development and effective team dynamics, and display excellent interpersonal skills.
  3. Usage of Functional Expertise- Must be able to acquire and apply functional knowledge in one’s own area of specialty.
  4. Must display and possess excellent leadership skills, and must be able to appropriate manage resources and staff.
  5. Must be able to effectively communicate both in verbal and written communication with both internal and external stakeholders.
  6. Must display professional appearance and behavior.
  7. Must be able to obtain and use knowledge of the organization and of general business procedures in the functioning of the region.
  8. Multiple Tasks. Must be able to display proficiency in coordinating and directing multiple tasks.

Essential Qualifications


  1. Master’s Degree from an accredited college or university required.
  2. Certified Social Worker licensure required.
  3. Valid driver’s license and auto insurance.

1. Minimum of seven (7) years management experience; and
2. Minimum of four (4) years’ experience in child welfare.
3. Involvement in national, state, and other professional societies and related organizations in ways that will enhance the positive perception of Pressley Ridge and provide useful information regarding trends, patterns, and professional standards and practices.

State Police, FBI, and Child Abuse Clearances; CPSL Mandated Reporter-Recognizing and Reporting Child Abuse training per state regulation

Working Conditions

  1. Physical Demands. Requires vision, speech, and hearing
  2. Environmental Factors. Normal administrative office environment: Regular travel required between various regional locations, as well as to the corporate office location in Pittsburgh, PA.
  3. Working Hours. As needed to perform the job.


This is a job description and is not intended to represent an employment contract.  The elements of this description are subject to modification by management and may not represent all responsibilities and duties necessary to carry out the job of the Executive Director.

To apply, email Tina Myles, Tmyles@pressleyridge.org, Chief Human Resources Officer at Pressley Ridge.