Professional Youth Care Worker (Full-Time) - Rawhide - New London, WI

  • Posted on: 14 August 2018
  • By: Amanda Prange

Professional Youth Care Worker (Full-Time)


Youth Services – New London, Wisconsin

Do you have a passion to serve teenage boys?

The Professional Youth Care Worker (full-time) position provides direct-care support to the operations of the living unit by providing coverage in the homes and assisting the Living Unit staff (Houseparents and Resident Youth Care Workers) with the daily functions and objectives of the Living Unit. The Professional Youth Care Worker will provide leadership and direction of an alternative authority for Rawhide guys by taking responsibility for the care, training, and treatment of each youth in the home, and by providing healthy youth activities that encourage spiritual growth, enrich relationships, and stimulate personal development.

Each Professional Youth Care Worker will have an emphasis in three areas:

1) Encourage Rawhide student development through the use of group activities, the planning of yearly events as well as developing leadership skills in the youth.

2) Development and mentoring of the Resident Instructors.

3) Crisis intervention with youth through verbal de-escalation techniques.

This position typically works a non-traditional schedule. Please contact the Human Resources Department for details.

Required Qualifications:
Experience working with at-risk youth
Strong personal commitment to biblical values with an ability to display these values in an exemplary moral lifestyle
Ability to relate to an aggressive teen who has been in trouble with the law
Assertive, self-confident, and sensitive in working with teens and staff
Organized and dependable
Possess a valid driver's license, without restrictions (except for glasses) and have a good driving record
Demonstrate spiritual, social, emotional, and intellectual maturity

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