Principles and Practices Endorsed by ACRC

Thank you for your interest in membership with ACRC!
Prior to submitting your Agency Membership Application, please review the below information. The references below offer many practical tips to organizations in the field about these principles and practices. On the membership application, we ask you to verify that your agency endorses and strives to implement these principles in your progams.  

Please contact the ACRC office if you have questions about any of these important topics.
The Association of Children’s Residential Centers (ACRC) has been working with its membership and national partners to identify key programmatic and practice changes that promise to advance the field, in keeping with ACRC’s mission and purpose. ACRC requests that current and prospective members become familiar with and endorse these principles and practices, which are contained in a series of position papers issued by the association over the past several years.
ACRC endorses the following principles and practices (references for expanded content of each item included), summarized as follows: