Research Articles

ACRC’s research committee has selected research articles with strong relevancy to today’s work and has provided a professional review for each one. Please log into the member’s section of the website for access to these reviews.

Breaking the cycle of intergenerational abuse: The long-term impact of a residential care program

The number of youth in residential care programs who have been abused is high. The relationship between childhood abuse victimization and adult intimate partner violence (IPV) is well documented. This study compared the rates of IPV 16 years after individuals had participated in a long-term residential care program with individuals accepted to the program who did not participate. The IPV rates for these two groups were also compared to national normative data.

Huefner, J.C., Ringle, J.L., Chmelka, M.B., & Ingram, S.D. (2007). Breaking the cycle of intergenerational abuse: The long-term impact of a residential care program. Child Abuse and Neglect: The International Journal, 31, 187-199.

Traumatized Youth in Residential Treatment Settings: Prevalence, Clinical Presentation, Treatment, and Policy Implications

Children and adolescents with histories of traumatic exposure comprise a substantial portion of youth in residential treatment programs. However, until recently, little has been known about this specific population. Given the well-documented unique treatment considerations for traumatized youth, it is important to understand how the distinct needs of this population factor into the particular residential treatment setting approach. This paper presents a comprehensive overview of the current understanding of this vulnerable youth population, the impact trauma exposure can have on their clinical presentation and response to treatment, and the available empirical research regarding effective intervention strategies. In addition, policy implications specific to traumatized youth receiving treatment in residential settings are discussed.

Zelechoski, A. D., Sharma, R., Beserra, K., Miguel, J. L., DeMarco, M., & Spinazzola, J. (2013). Traumatized youth in residential treatment settings: Prevalence, clinical presentation, treatment, and policy implications. Journal of Family Violence, 28(7), 639-652