Healing Power of Relationships

As a society, we are becoming more divided as individuals encouraged to yell at one another over secreens, to call each other names, to attack in the name of a variety of social justice issues, all while really just learning to avoid empathy and connection.

As treatment providers we understand the need to focus on relationship building and healing, but our pool of employees is becoming less empathetic and ultimately less resilient.  We know we need them to model and build healthy and healing relationships to create healing environments for our clients.

Our industry of residential treatment centers recognize that staff retention is vital to our success and we are aware of the challenges that our employees face when they don’t address their personal needs when working with individuals in residential care.  As we seek to retain our staff, are we recongizing the challenges that we face currently in our society?

We focus on the role that healthy relationships, empathy development, and attachment have in the treatment process and how to teach relationship skills that foster healing.

We recognize that relationship development and building is vital to treatment services with the people we treat but also a signficant part of how we build and develop our employees.  We need to teach relationship skills.  This skill building assists us in the areas that our industry focuses on including eliminating restraints, verbal de-escalation, resilience building and workforce development.


AJ Frithiof, LCSW

Clinical Director , Provo Canyon School

Jennifer Morgan Smith, LMFT

Executive Director , Provo Canyon School

Session Evaluation