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Looking for a richer experience with ACRC Membership? Consider joining a Committee or Affinity Group. Committees are focused on shaping the direction of ACRC. Affinity Groups focus on specialized information sharing to further their knowledge in a given area.


Most meet once monthly for one hour. Members may find
past meeting notes in our Member Portal

Public Policy

ACRC’s public policy committee keeps watch on public policy issues or initiatives. On issues ranging from federal finance reform to the use of psychotropic medications, the committee strives to be at the table when these discussions are happening, as a voice for what children and families need from the mental health system.

This committee is also responsible for producing ACRC’s position papers. Through extensive engagement and research, committee members dive into topics of concern and provide short thinkpieces on best practices.


Meet our Public Policy Committee Chair, Okpara Rice!


ACRC’s program committee produces our renowned annual conference. The conference draws attendees from around the world to dive into clinical excellence and best practices. This committee brings cutting edge presentations and presenters to the stage; they also enjoy picking our future conference cities and fun social events!


Meet our Program Committee Chair, Jenn Ryan!


ACRC’s research committee vets potential research projects and develops internal research. Recent initiatives have included EHRs (electronic health records) and serving CSEC (commercially sexually exploited) youth. The committee members may have research experience or just an interest in the topic.


Meet our Research Committee Chair, Jonathan Huefner!


As a membership organization, it is important to keep our membership diverse and connected. This committee seeks ways to promote networking, engagement and educational opportunities; as well as ensuring new members are welcomed and integrated into their new network of colleagues.


Meet our Membership Committee Chair, Paul Rieger!

Youth & Family

The goal of this committee is to engage, encourage and enhance the youth and family voice within ACRC by participating in board decisions, membership, conferences, and other committees. It also seeks to broaden the awareness and perspective of the youth and family voice within member agencies through outreach, education, and affiliation.


Meet our Youth & Family Committee Chair, Thomas McRae Jr.!

Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups meet on a quarterly basis with one of the meetings being at the annual conference. Current Affinity Groups meeting are:


ACRC’s longest standing affinity group looks at the identification, treatment, and support of young people who have experienced commercial sexual exploitation. This population requires informed specialization and ongoing learning, get that here!

Transition Aged Youth

It’s worrisome to think of the young people in our care transitioning to adulthood, perhaps without the supports many other emerging adults are provided. How are we preparing them for this inevitable next step? Strategies and questions are welcome in this TAY affinity group.

House Parent Model

Many programs use this unique staffing model which brings along its own benefits and challenges. Meet with providers who use a houseparent model to learn what works in recruitment, staffing, employment policies, supervision, and any public policy initiatives that should be addressed by those doing the work.


The field has been evolving for some time in its understanding, support, and inclusion of young people with diverse sexual identities. Meeting their unique needs is vital to their overall health and future success. This affinity group offers the opportunity to learn from other providers and from those who identify as LGBTQ in order to move forward in an informed and inclusive matter.


Young people with an Autism or Traumatic Brain Injury diagnosis, pared with a behavior disorder, bring their own unique set of challenges to your residential program. Meet with your colleagues to discuss challenges and successes you have experienced with this population and discuss best practices and innovation going forward.

PRTF Programs

The challenges of administering care in a Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facility are unique. Our colleagues running PRTFs look forward to connecting with their colleagues to discuss their own barriers and successes in the past and going forward in an ever-changing climate.


Increasingly, our members are diversifying their programming to serve immigrant children and families in their residential programs. Meet your colleagues who are experiencing many of the same barriers, questions, and positive outcomes in this realm.

Military Families

Residential providers working with military families/Tricare have unique successes and challenges. Have conversations with fellow Tricare providers to help each other navigate the complexities.

Notes from past all meetings are available in the Member Portal (must log in to view).


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