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Our hearts are broken by recent events and the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, and more.  These tragedies continue to surface the racism that exists. 

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July 29th CSEC Prevention Strategies

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Join YDI on their journey in not just reducing restraints, but ultimately eliminating them.  

The Association of Children’s Residential Centers

We provide a network of learning and support, and advocate for quality residential interventions for children. We are dedicated to being a powerful international voice for best practices and innovation in our field.

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Our Mission

Providing a powerful voice for residential interventions through relationships, leadership, advocacy, and the promotion of innovative treatment and best practices.

Our Vision

ACRC envisions youth and families thriving in their homes and communities; and should they require residential interventions, having uncompromised access to quality treatment at the right time.

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