What We Do

Since 1956, the ACRC has been providing a powerful voice for residential interventions through relationships, leadership, advocacy, and the promotion of innovative treatment and best practices.

Our Commitment

From our humble inception to our international network today, we have stayed true to our values and our commitment to being a resource to member agencies who provide transformative care to the most vulnerable children, youth, and families.

The evolution of ACRC

ACRC lives its values by implementing a Youth and Family Voice Committee
57th Annual Meeting attendance jumps to over 400
ACRC history illustration 57th annual meeting
“Together, the voice”
ACRC rebrands, and drops one “A” to reflect our growing international presence
ACRC history timeline illustration - ACRC rebrand
AACRC becomes independent and takes on a second full-time employee, doubling the staff!
ACRC history timeline illustration - independency
“Providing a powerful national voice through leadership, advocacy, and the promotion of innovation and best practices”
AACRC is at the table for the first Building Bridges Summit in Omaha, NE, which led to the creation of the Joint Resolution.
ACRC history timeline illustration - the joint resolution
AACRC Begins Redefining Residential Position Paper Series. The first position paper is titled “Redefining the Role of Residential Treatment.”
ACRC history timeline illustration - position paper series
AACRC enters into management agreement with Alliance for Children and Families, and moves to Milwaukee
ACRC history timeline illustration - Wisconsin
New Board Governance Structure Developed By Gerry Zaslaw. Welcome, Board advisors!
ACRC history timeline illustration - new board
“AACRC brings professionals together to advance the frontiers of knowledge pertaining to the spectrum of therapeutic living environments for children and adolescents with behavioral health disorders”
AACRC’s Professional Journal Is Born, The Residential Treatment for Children and Youth
ACRC history timeline illustration - professional journal
AACRC moves to Washington, DC
ACRC history timeline illustration - Washington DC
“Committed to the highest level of quality care and treatment of emotionally disturbed children and adolescents through sound clinical practice, and to the advancement of scientific knowledge through residential care”
Al Trieschman, future AACRC President, co-authors “The Other 23 Hours”
ACRC history timeline illustration - 23 Hours book
For the first time, the Annual Meeting moves away from Chicago
ACRC history timeline illustration - moved away from Chicago
First “scientific meeting,” held at Chicago’s Orthogenic School, was attended by 13 people.
ACRC history timeline illustration - first meeting
“To be a forum for discussion of common approaches and problems of emotionally disturbed children requiring in-patient treatment”
American Association of Children’s Residential Centers is founded
ACRC history timeline illustration - ACRC founded
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