More Than Family Therapy – What Family Partnership in Residential Care Looks Like

Room: Wayzata Bay (8th Floor)

Approaching families as partners in our work leads to better engagement, consistency in follow through with services, and ultimately better outcomes for children, youth, and families, especially in residential care. However, it can be challenging to shift to a family-driven approach, involving time, intentionality, and healthy discomfort for true change. It is so much more than family therapy or visits. Pulling on research, best practices, and time proven strategies from the field, this workshop will identify the levels of engagement (involvement, engagement, and driven/partnership) and offer guidance and strategies for implementing family driven care effectively at the individual, program, and organizational levels.

In Person: NASW, NY & Attendance
Virtual Recorded: NASW, NY & Attendance

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Millie Sweeney, MS

Director, Learning and Workforce Development , Family-Run Executive Director Leadership Association (FREDLA)