Child Care Worker – Latham Centers


Brewster, MA

Promote a physically safe and emotionally healthy environment while supervising students during evening residential activities and overnight sleeping hours.  Requirements include a High School degree or GED, valid driver’s license and the ability to handle children in crisis safely, with compassion.

Hours Schedule/$19.27 per hour (as of July 1, 2023)
39 Thurs, Sat 7p-9a (sleep), Fri 10p-9a (Required to be awake during shifts, pay rate: $189.57/hr. for Fri shift only)
33 Thurs, Fri 10p-8a (Required to be awake during shifts, pay rate: $19.57/hr. for Thurs, Fri shift only), Sat 9p-9a (Sleep)
38 Wed, Fri 7p-8a, Sat 9p-9a (Required to be awake during shift, pay rate: $19.57/hr. for Sat shift only)