Program Director – Hillcrest Educational Centers


Lenox, MA

As a member of the Senior Management Team, pertaining to a specific HEC campus, the Program Director is responsible for the overall program direction, development and supervision, overseeing and directing the program administration. The Program Director is responsible for the health, safety and well -being of all students and staff at the campus as well as responsible for the tone and culture of the campus. The Program Director is ultimately responsible for the hiring, firing and supervision of staff at the campus.

Educational Requirements:

Master’s Degree


5+ years of experience working in a residential program, prior supervisory experience required.

Pay: $95,000-$110,000 per year

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

  1. Actively manage the program in a professionally, ethically and fiscally responsible manner. Active program management includes the systematic monitoring of program activities and personnel. Manage all program admissions and discharges
  2. Responsible for overall program staffing needs, including hiring, discipline, supervision, daily staffing. Provide administrative coverage including on-call during non-work hours, delegating the responsibility as necessary
  3. Ensure that the physical plant is safe, attractive, clean in appearance, one which is consistent with all applicable state and local regulations and which meets standards for a therapeutic environment.
  4. Maintain a working relationship with other agency administrators, as well as with associated human service and public oversight agency representatives.
  5. Ensure that all regulatory requirements are met including but not limited to fire, building and health codes; OCCS, DOE and DSS regulations and standards; JCAHO standards.
  6. Ensure that student charts are maintained in a thorough, professional and timely manner. Be familiar with all students on the campus, with their histories, diagnoses and treatment plans
  7. Ensure that significant program activities, events and functions are documented in a thorough, professional and timely manner
  8. Responsible for supervision by leading, and managing the collaborative efforts of department heads. Providing on-going and formal supervision for all department heads and completing all evaluations in a timely manner. Ensuring department head compliance with supervision and evaluation timelines. Compliance to agency policies and procedures by all staff, provision of relevant in-service training consistent with agency policies and OCCS regulations. That staff have and/or develop specific competencies associated with their roles, functions and positions, including age and cultural competencies
  9. Promoting Leadership by maintaining and promote staff and program compliance to all agency policies and procedures. Demonstrate and promote commitment to the organization, its mission, vision and values of teamwork, respect, communication, education, and fiscal responsibility Demonstrate an ability to utilize interagency resources and seek assistance from others as needed. Actively promote and demonstrate support for effective treatment team functioning and the team building process. Support and actively participate in agency functions and activities.
  10. Actively work toward and demonstrate support for continuous program improvement at the campus and throughout the agency. Program improvement will include but not be limited to: clarity and ongoing refinement of agency and program mission, goals and population; striving toward state-of-the-art programming, treatment technologies, training and structural improvements; clarity and ongoing refinement of the agency and program’s niche and competitive strategies. Actively and consistently utilize campus and agency structures (e.g., committees and work groups) and data (e.g., Improving Organizational Performance data) to improve program operations and services.
  11. Meet budgetary/utilization expectations as they pertain to census, program expenses, payroll, capital improvements, etc.
  12. Responsible for supporting and co-facilitating parent Advisory Group meetings when required.


Monday through Friday with on-call availability

This position comes with a benefits package.