Program Director – Stevens Treatment Programs


Swansea, MA

Full Time
Reports to: Executive Dir.
Supervisor Responsibility: Supervisory Responsibility Residential Director, Clinical Director, Education Director, Nurse Manager, Admissions Manager, Training Coordinator


 Stevens Treatment Programs empowers youth to lead successful lives through high quality treatment and education in a safe and nurturing environment.


The Program Director’s purpose is to oversee programming and youth care at Stevens, and serve as the person who operationalizes the agency mission and vision on a day-to-day basis. The Program Director is a departmental and organizational leader. The Program Director’s objective is to ensure the provision of mission-driven, trauma-informed and high quality care.

The Program Director oversees all program departments and directly supervises program directors.

The unique perspectives and needs of each program department should be understood, respected and supported by the Program Director, who strives to ensure that Stevens has a unified, consistent, and trauma-informed philosophy and practice approach.


  • Must be able to come to work promptly and regularly
  • Must be able to take direction and work well with others
  • Must be able to work under the stress of deadlines
  • Must be able to concentrate and perform accurately
  • Must be able to react to change productively and to handle other tasks as assigned
  • Must be able to adjust assigned work schedules as required by programmatic needs
  • Must be able to understand, integrate, and implement the program’s treatment philosophy
  • Must be able to exercise good judgment on a daily basis and in crisis situations
  • Must be able assert themselves in an appropriate, professional manner with co-workers and youth
  • Must be able to communicate clearly, logically, concisely, and effectively, both orally and in writing
  • Must be able to effectively organize and plan work to meet position objectives
  • Must be able to perform student restraints safely and effectively when necessary
  • Must be able to respectfully work with a diverse group of staff and youth
  • Must have a valid driver’s license and driving record acceptable to Stevens’ insurer


  • Minimum of a Bachelor of Arts or Science Degree from an accredited college or university
  • Minimum of five years of experience in a leadership position in a congregate care program
  • Demonstrated ability to relate to adults and trauma-impacted adolescents
  • Demonstrated ability to provide leadership on a day-to-day basis, as well as in crisis situations
  • Demonstrated ability to work in a collaborative manner with a variety of disciplines and levels of staff within an organization
  • Demonstrated knowledge of residential treatment
  • Three references from professional supervisors verifying qualifications


  • Coordinate with the Executive Director in preparing and facilitating long-term strategies to achieve organizational goals
  • Ensure the organization’s programmatic work is carried out in a manner consistent with its philosophy, values, and strategic plan, including the focus on inclusivity and social justice
  • Maintain ongoing focus on programmatic best practice, and the evolution of the program model to ensure the delivery of high quality trauma-informed services
  • Oversee Education Department, Residential Department, Clinical Department, Admissions Department, and Health Department
  • Supervise Education Director, Residential Director, Clinical Director, Admissions Manager, Training Coordinator and Nurse Manager
  • Oversee contracted program staff (i.e. Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner, yoga instructor)
  • Provide support to program directors and staff in crisis management, collaboration, and advocacy with providers, and step in, as appropriate, in the absence of the director
  • Ensure consistent and comprehensive communication and collaboration amongst program departments
  • Day-to-day oversight of case-based decisions, as needed
  • Maintain consistent knowledge and engagement with all youth and staff, allowing for a multi-layered understanding of organizational needs and functioning
  • Attend Treatment Conferences, discharge planning meetings, and other case-related meetings, and provide leadership and consultation, as needed
  • Serve as liaison between program departments and other organizational departments
  • Ensure that programmatic advancements are implemented in an interdisciplinary and inter-departmental manner
  • Maintain system-level understanding of the impact of programmatic changes on organizational structure and departments, such as adaptations needed to the electronic database, communication with stakeholders, changes needed to manuals, clerical procedures, impacts on food services, etc.
  • Ensure consistent communication and messaging across all program departments
  • Actively engage in and/or lead performance quality improvement initiatives that cross departments
  • Operationalize programmatic changes across program departments
  • In collaboration with Director of Strategic Initiatives, oversee implementation of ARC framework and other practice initiatives
  • Develop and/or facilitate the development of operational policies for the organization
  • In collaboration with the program directors, assist the Director of Administration and Finance in the development and monitoring of programmatic budgets
  • Work with Director of Strategic Initiatives to ensure organizational compliance with regulations and contracts
  • Implement corrective actions as needed, based on internal or external reviews
  • Ongoing focus on the use of trauma-informed practice approaches and the goal of reduction of restraint, physical intervention and timeout
  • Develop and maintain relationships with stakeholders, such as community members, resources, and trade associations
  • Plan and implement special projects and events
  • Update the Executive Director on program, licensing, and risk management issues, as needed
  • Provide Tier II On-call (administrative back-up) for directors on call, provide guidance as needed, and ensure the completion of required incident notifications
  • Provide emergency coverage for on-call directors, if necessary, and administrative back-up in rotation
  • Oversee performance management and evaluation of program staff and recommend personnel action to the Executive Director and HR Manager including hiring, promotion, and dismissal
  • Responsible for personnel oversight for program staff
  • Support the Admissions Manager in the vetting of clients referred, in order to determine eligibility
  • In collaboration with the Training Coordinator and program directors, oversee professional development of program staff, ensuring that staff receive required and needed training
  • Collaborate with the Recruiting Coordinator regarding the recruitment of program staff, and actively participate in recruitment and hiring
  • Actively participate in administrative and management team meetings
  • Serve as a positive ambassador and representative of the organization as needed to assist in conflict resolution, respond to questions, etc.
  • Ensure ongoing stakeholder outreach and communication via various means, such as social media, news website

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