Anat Zeira, Ph.D

Professor at School of Social Work and Social Welfare

Hebrew University of Jerusalem; Israel

Anat Zeira (PhD) is Professor at the School of Social Work and Social Welfare at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where she had served as the head of the BSW program. She also served as Head of research and evaluation at the Haruv Institute and was a member of the National Council of Social Work at the Israeli Ministry of Welfare where she chaired its Committee for Institutes and Degrees. She is a founding member of the Italian based International Association of Outcome-Based Evaluation and Research on Family and Children’s Services (iaOBER). In addition, Prof. Zeira currently chairs the Coordinating Council of Faculty Associations in Israel.

Professor Anat Zeira has been long committed to research on the evidence-base of social work practice with children at-risk and their families. In this context she is conducted several collaborative research projects with the Department of Social Services in the Jerusalem Municipality. Her current research focuses on the transition to adulthood and independent living of care leavers. She has published widely in professional journals and presented numerous papers at international conferences. Through her studies and publications she emphasizes the importance of systematic monitoring and evaluation by practitioners and its dissemination in the field.