Shavontana “Starr” Davis

Founding Executive Director

The Starr Institute, Inc.

At just seven years old, Shavontana “Starr” Davis was sexually abused at the hands of male family members, leaving her feeling paralyzed, confused, and ashamed. Without the knowledge of programs to support her as a child, her passion to ensure that no child should have to suffer as she did, led to the creation of The Starr Institute, Inc. (TSI), which seeks to educate, engage and empower youth and the community about child sexual abuse and exploitation. TSI offers interactive, culturally relevant, age-appropriate workshops for youth aged 12-17 and the adults who support them. In 2021 Starr was named as one of ten L’Oréal Paris Women of Worth Honorees and she debuted her first book, “The Abuse Algorithm,” which shares stories of child sexual abuse survivors, explores how adverse childhood experiences impacted their lives and how this widespread issue is a preventable public health crisis. Driven by the desire to positively shape the lives of others, Starr is working to build a world where young people avoid – and not simply recover from – abuse.