Annual Conference

Association of Children’s Residential Centers

62nd Annual Conference

Boston, MA – March 26-March 29, 2018


International Pre-Conference Institute:

This is a one-day event will take place on Monday, March 26th prior to the start of the full conference. To learn more click here to download the Registration Brochure. 

ACRC has been gathering for years, 62 to be exact, to 'advance the frontiers of knowlege', a phrase often used in our early documentation. As the world becomes a smaller place, with thanks to advancements in travel and technology, ACRC has worked to engage our international colleagues in new and profound ways, permeating boundaries and cultures and systems of care, with the ultimate goal of collaborating on best practices and innovation to best serve children and families. 

Presentations will include: 

Small World, Big Impact - Reaching Across Borders to Identify Best Practices in Residential Treatment

No Wrong Door

MultifunC: The Development of Evidence Based Programming in Therapeutic Residential Care

Residential Child Care in Spain: Cuurent Challenges and Advances


Keynotes for the week:

Family Finding - Kevin Campbell

Shields and Swords: Waging a Battle Against Bias in Our Public Systems - Adam J. Foss

The Caring Together Initiative: State Agency Clinical Review Protocol for Appropriateness of Placement - The MA DMH Caring Together Team

The Power of Optimism - Steve Gross

The Nurtured Heart Approach: Transforming a Child's Intensity to Greatness Within a Residential Setting and Beyond - Howard Glasser



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