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Daniel’s Statewide In-Patient Psychiatric program (SIPP) provides children exhibiting the most severe symptoms of mental and emotional distress with intensive residential treatment over four- to six-month periods. Each child receives comprehensive care that includes individual, group, and family counseling, as well as psychiatric treatment, from a dedicated team of professionals, consisting of a psychiatrist, therapist, behaviorist, nurse, and recreation specialist.

Children in the SIPP program reside in three secure cottages situated on 10 wooded acres that include a swimming pool, basketball court, computer lab, art room and field space for active outside play.  Daniel’s treatment team coordinates all aspects of their care to ensure maximum benefit, including medication, dietary requirements, therapy, family counseling, medical and dental care, and even specialized therapy for speech, occupational and physical improvement. The children’s academic needs are addressed in coordination with Duval County Schools’ Hospital Homebound Program and through Daniel’s full-time certified teacher who provides supplemental instruction and tutoring.

Parents and related caregivers also receive training and family counseling while their children are being treated at Daniel. These efforts ensure they have the skills necessary to reinforce their children’s progress upon their return home or movement to additional supportive care.