Developing a Theory of Change for Residential Interventions; Consolidating Multiple Perspectives

Room: Commonwealth 1

At the ACRC conference in Fort Lauderdale the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) conducted a workshop on its efforts to develop a Theory of Change (TOC) for residential interventions.  Attendees worked together in groups to further populate the logic model template, providing valuable feedback from the field.

Since then the feedback has been incorporated into a new version of the TOC and BBI extended its partnership with Chapin Hall at the University of Chicago, offering the project expert technical assistance and consultation.   By the time of the conference the TOC will reflect consolidation of several rounds of feedback and will be in a more clear visual format.  Once again the timing at the conference will be propitious for vetting the document and gaining critical feedback from the field.


Robert E. Lieberman, MA, LPC

President , Lieberman Group, Inc.


Nancy Pierce

Consultant , BBI


Jessie Rothkuo

Senior Policy Analyst , Chapin Hall


Dana Weiner, Ph.D

Senior Policy Fellow , Chapin Hall