Building Resilience Within Your Workforce

Room: Commonwealth 1

This presentation will focus on the ways in which we build resilience within our workforce. In the past 2 years, our workforce has experienced chronic stress resulting in a multitude of symptoms such as burnout, anxiety, stress, depression, etc. Now more than ever we must call upon Trauma Informed Care (TIC) and the science of hope to mitigate burn out and to increase retention. We are experiencing a mental health crisis as we are already seeing substance use, suicide, depression and domestic violence on the rise.

We will utilize TIC principles and techniques to address the well-being of our workforce. We will demonstrate how these principles and techniques can be applied to the workforce and the organization through multimodal communication to access different learning styles. Examples of multimodal communications will be: videos, social media, email training, step by step guide, group discussion, self-care kits, and kinesthetic experiences. The techniques will be easily accessible for the audience to utilize at their own organizations, and we will also provide guidance on how to create performance-based data to measure success.

The pandemic is negatively impacting the mental health, well-being and morale of the workforce, requiring employers to adapt to new demands and to integrate Trauma Informed approaches within their culture. This training will address how to maintain and increase positive morale through the use of TIC principles and activities. By addressing staffs’ well-being, we directly impact all the clients served. Additionally, it creates connection between employees which further improves morale.


Stacey Roth, LCSW

CEO / President , Hillsides


Cindy Macias, LMFT

Division Chief, Foster Care & Adoptions , Hillsides


Samira Vishria, LCSW

Director of Professional Development , Hillsides


Joshua Matheiu

Social Services Manager , Hillsides


Andrew Catalano

HR Manager , Hillsides