Clear Leadership in Chaos: 6 1/2 Secrets the Best Leaders Use in Troubled Times

Room: Ocean Ballroom

Leaders in behavioral healthcare settings face chaos and pressure on an order of magnitude higher than most other careers. They serve real people instead of simply manufacturing widgets. They are in the business of saving lives, which means they have to succeed in spite of national crises, environmental disasters, labor shortages, financial tumult, political headwinds, and other concerns. Leaders with backgrounds in emotional health may become frustrated as they attempt to apply therapeutic techniques to teams of people, thinking those techniques will be just as effective as they are for helping families and individuals change for the better. Great leaders in healthcare eventually find that therapeutic techniques can backfire and actually enhance the very problems they are attempting to fix. The presenter has 30 years experience leading behavioral healthcare organizations. They will orient attendees to six-and-a-half tried and true principles of success, rooted in organizational behavioral science. During this interactive workshop attendees will learn from other mental health leaders how to set targets, focus teams, and overcome resistance, chaos, and uncertainty to achieve their clinical, quality, and financial goals. All of this results in stability so they can continue to serve more families. The presenter will use pre-recorded audio/video of interviews with experienced leaders, interactive presentation software, experiential activities and proprietary workbook assignments to engage participants in successfully applying the principles discussed.


Dustin Tibbitts, LMFT

President , Embark Behavioral Health


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