Congruent Leadership – Matching the Mission with the Mayhem

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How do we know, as leaders, what to do and when to do it?  So many times we are making decisions  we have not been trained in, role modeled, or can be explained in policy and procedure.  The delicate ecosystems known as residential education/care requires a unique balance of structure and nurture just as our clients do.  This workshop will examine how leaders are required to act as the frontal cortex, as well as, the attachment figure for an entire organization.  And if leaders are unable to exemplify the very training and mission we espouse such as self-regulation, being trauma aware and connecting, how can anything work?

We will create understanding of the power differential and how leaders create ripple effects when they discharge their power without thoughtfulness and intention. These ripples touch every member of an organization especially our most vulnerable staff and children. Why leaders must heal themselves so they don’t transmit their own grief/pain to those in positions with little to no power and how leaders’ health or lack thereof impacts the organization as a whole will be examined. Case examples will be used and discussion will be had.



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