Exploring the self-injurious behavior of youth

Self-injury typically begins in early adolescence but can become more frequent over time. As documented self-injury occurrences have significantly increased in recent years, all play therapist are equally at high risk of their own feelings of PTSD, depression, hopelessness, compassion fatigue and burn out. This workshop is an inspiring exploration of the impact that self-injury has on individuals, their families, and service providers. Through play-based activities and discussion this workshop aims to raise support for ourselves as well as the individuals and families we serve at a time when they often feel the least connection to others. Weaving between the literature, stories from experience, and experiential play-based exercises, the goal is to facilitate self-expression, creative problem-solving and increased therapeutic rapport. A secondary aim is to support the play therapist to create strong plans for their own wellness and resiliency while working with such an impactful issue.