Focus on Families: How We Use Trust and Respect as Building Blocks for Success

Family engagement happens when families have a primary and meaningful role in decision-making for their child. While children in care may have programmatic staff assuming some of those day to day decisions, maintaining the relationships with families of origin is vital. Hear what family engagement looks like for three diverse organizations focusing on best practices in this realm.


Jedaia Rose Doñoz

Therapeutic Aftercare and Advocacy Manager , My Refuge House; Philippines


Remebie Villarmia

Family and Community Development Officer , My Refuge House

Rose Ann Ababa

Director of Program Operations , My Refuge House


Geselle Belda, RSW

Residential Social Worker , My Refuge House

Michael Semel, Ph.D.

Vice President of Clinical Quality and Outcomes , The Home for Little Wanderers

Seher Suhail, BCBA, Msc

Lead Behavior Specialist , Allambi Care


Erin Flood, LCSW

Associate Clinical Director of Residential Services , LaSalle School