Hope Starts With Us

Room: Main Ballroom - Lobby Level

Dr. Glenda Wrenn Gordon is a passionate advocate and a nationally recognized leader of efforts to advance mental health equity. But when she had a family member in need, challenges of a broken system including lack of communication, gaps in the bridge between youth and adult services, and excessive insurance utilization review all created hardship during an already difficult time. If a board-certified psychiatrist struggles to find appropriate resources for her child having a mental health crisis, imagine how difficult it is for families who don’t have the same knowledge and resources. Glenda will share her vision for the future: one where young people impacted by serious mental health challenges and addiction face a clear path forward that unlocks their potential for growth and positive change. With certainty that the foundation of a good life is possible despite trauma and adversity, Glenda’s expertise and firsthand experience will remind all of us that hope and healing can be a close as the person sitting next to you.



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