Implementation of an Aftercare Program in New York State

The focus of this presentation will be on the collaborative efforts and success of St. Anne Institute in establishing partnerships with agencies across the state to meet the mandate of Aftercare Services as per Family First Prevention Services Act (FFPSA). This relates to conference themes as it emphasizes the importance of collaborating to meet the unique needs of residential youth and their families, especially as they work to transition back home or to the community. This also fits in with the focus on the “continuum of care” as the goal of Aftercare is for youth not only transition out of residential care but remain out of residential care. Aftercare assists families by connecting them with resources they may need, navigating enrollment in schools, working with youth to translate the skills they learned while in residential to the community, and providing in person support to maintain youth in the home.


Alexa Maelia, LCSW

Director of Residential Clinical Services , St. Anne Institute

Kelly Alfano, LCSW

Assistant Director of Residential Clinical and Aftercare Services , St. Anne Institute