The Belonging Difference: Maximizing the Positive Difference We Make In the Lives of Youth

My entire life I’ve been complimented and praised for what others perceived as my resilience, determination, and  perseverance in the face of adversity. “From foster care to the NFL” “Defying the odds”

What if I told you that the difference between me reaching my full potential and standing before you today and falling to my circumstances and becoming a part of the cycle had very little to do with me? Would you believe me?

The truth is that the difference has a lot more to do with people like you than it does the person going through said adverse things. In this talk, we will explore how you can be the difference in someone else’s battle to belong.



Attendees will learn

– About the unique belonging deficit that youth with adverse backgrounds have to navigate

– How to cultivate a culture of belonging utilizing the Core 3

– Maximize their positive difference through the CARE model


In Person: NASW, NY & Attendance
Virtual Recorded: No Certificates available for this recording or live virtual session. 

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Gaelin Elmore

Speaker, Facilitator, Lived Experience Expert