More than Purpose: How to Obtain Organizational Alignment and Workforce Retention within the Great Resignation

Room: Commonwealth 3

A quality organization must be effective in meeting its goals and in the accomplishment of its mission. Yet, in the midst of labor shortages, inflation, demands for higher wages, and the continuing pandemic and the emotional effects left in its wake the ability to find talented employees is difficult and retaining them is even more challenging.

Using Huffington’s measures of a healthy organization: Purpose, structure, process, resources, reality, and relationship with the environment, Safely Home has begun to engage organizational functioning and workforce retention differently in order to weather the great resignation and build a stronger organization.

This presentation will lead the audience through goal development, planning, implementation, and assessment of various strategies used to increase workforce retention as well as outcomes, successes, and failures. The heart of this presentation is to show how one organization has attempted to build quality employees and resist the urge to settle for less due to outside pressures. This presentation will also speak to the challenges of transitioning power from the founder to the next generation of leaders while attempting to maintain what makes Safely Home unique within residential treatment.

Audience members will leave with an understanding of the importance of relying on more than just purpose within workforce development and retention. Methods to confront organizational gaps in purpose, structure, and process. How to best utilize resources to respond to the needs of quality employees while holding the needs of agencies and clients. And important questions to ask within organizations to assist in shifting HR strategies to better align with workforce realities and a larger relationship within the environment.


Laura Torello, LSW

Transitional CEO , Safely Home