Never Give up on a Child!

Session June 13, 2024

The world today is full of childhood trauma and toxic stress. In many cases, the home life is the source of the child’s trauma. Many of these children suffer from traumatic stress after being exposed to neglect, sexual, physical and mental abuse. As a result, many children will be placed into the foster care system. Survival mode is very, very stressful, especially for a child that can’t process their trauma as an adult. Anyone who has gone through childhood trauma knows how scary this reality can be.

The negative outcome from their toxic home environment results in emotional and behavioral outbursts. These precious children do not have a positive role model. How can these children be expected to develop the coping skills they need if their own parents are not modeling it for them? They need a caring adult with a positive foundation that will show them what a healthy relationship looks like.

The terrific news is there is hope for professionals working with these kids. Derek Clark is a survivor that thrives now. As a small child, Derek was exposed to terrible physical and mental abuse. He knows what it’s like to be a child suffering from PTSD. He was abandoned by his mom (dad was in prison) and placed into the foster care system for 13 years. Derek compassionately understands the importance of professionals working with grieving children. One adult can make a world of positive difference in their life.

As someone who has lived it, Derek knows the importance of having an adult connection. Derek says the key is to have a caring and compassionate adult walk the child through the healing process so they can run toward their destiny and not to their history.

Derek Clark’s presentation is designed to implement positive change by presenting startling facts based on his personal experience from surviving severe child abuse and being misdiagnosed. Derek knows the reality of growing up in a very dark home life full of horrific child abuse and parents that abandoned him at a psychiatric hospital at age 5. He would then spend the next 13 years of his life in the San Francisco bay area foster care system.

Derek takes you down his road of hate, anger, mistrust in adults, violent tendencies, rejection, lack of love, child abuse and the memories that haunted his life. He believes that by changing the way you look at a child or youth, you can significantly impact their life. He teaches on the subject matter, “You cannot think negative about a child and expect a positive child”.

He teaches you how to commit and build upon your strengths when encouraging youth to have hope. He inspires professionals to know that they do make a difference and can inspire a positive outcome.

Derek is an inspiring motivational speaker and the author of the critically acclaimed “I Will Never Give Up” book series.


Derek Clark

Motivational Speaker & Author