Quit Calling it “Culture”: 5 1/2 Proven Strategies for Successful Organizational Health

Room: Commonwealth 5-8

Everyone knows the foundation of good treatment is a happy and healthy team of providers. Leaders in behavioral healthcare settings face chaos and pressure on an order of magnitude higher than most other careers. They are in the business of saving lives, which means they have to succeed in spite of national crises, environmental disasters, labor shortages, financial tumult, political headwinds, and other concerns. Great leaders in healthcare eventually find that what they thought they knew about impacting culture seems to have the opposite effect. Techniques can backfire and actually enhance the very problems they are attempting to fix. The presenters have decades of experience leading behavioral healthcare organizations, serving on boards, and leading people. They will orient attendees to five-and-a-half true principles of organizational health, rooted in experience and organizational science. During this interactive workshop attendees will learn from other leaders within and without behavioral healthcare. Participants will learn skills and strategies in the categoties of Narrative, Tools, Measurement, Speed and Depth of organizational change. Participants will emerge from training with tools they can use immediately so they can continue to serve more families in more effective ways. The presenters will use pre-recorded audio/video of interviews with experienced leaders, interactive presentation software, experiential activities and real world examples to engage participants in successfully applying the principles discussed.


Dustin Tibbitts, LMFT

President , Embark Behavioral Health

Email: dustint@innerchange.com