Enhancing the Competence and Confidence of Valued Staff

In a sector consumed by complex needs and resource limitations, it’s no wonder workforce development is such a needed commodity in 2022. The increased training needs for staff supporting many of the most vulnerable people in society is a growing universal need. Allambi Care believe training should never be a ‘tick the box’ solution and should focus on enhancing outcomes for the individual, staff and organisation.

Allambi Care is a large Australian Non-Government Organisation serving individuals, families, communities and is committed to addressing safety and growth needs empowering people to reach their full potential. Allambi has over 800 staff across a number of programs with varied support needs including out-of-home care, disability and Community programs.

Allambi Care showcase flexibility and innovation to achieve quality training and supports. Allambi is providing staff with unparalleled higher education pathways, staff retention and importantly consistency for children and families supported in their many client focused programs. Under skilled staff and high turnover rates result in significant impacts on an organisation’s ability to provide quality outcomes. This has an even greater impact on an individuals experience in care, when continuity of care and relationships are touted as a core focus of those in front line caring roles.

The experience of many quality carers is often voiced as ‘accidently’ falling into the care field. Allambi have focused on helping these individuals identify that this is a purposeful calling- assisting staff to identify this opportunity as a career, not a short-term job. Feedback gathered through Allambi Care’s processes highlight that access to learning and development is a major factor when deciding to stay or leave. Learning and Development Manager Ben Jones identifies this step is often “the key difference between ‘work’ and a meaningful and rewarding career”.

Allambi have implemented an effective onboarding process setting staff up for success from the start of employment. This pathway transitions to a Nationally recognised Diploma qualification. This qualification is designed, delivered and supported by Allambi Care trainers with extensive experience. This has resulted in an informative, relational and tailored learning experience with feedback and completion data outlining huge successes. In 2021 Allambi Care was recognised as a state finalist for 2 ‘Vocational Education and Training’ State Awards. Allambi Care impressively won the NSW State Industry Collaboration Award which recognises exemplary skills development collaboration between employer/industry body in delivering nationally recognised training.

In addition to these programs, Allambi Care have utilised a range of innovative mediums through face to face, e-learning, web-based forums, podcasts, supervision and seminars to create a pathway recognising skills and leading to further career development opportunities inclusive of an Australian sector first in house supported University qualification.

Allambi Care’s focused workforce supports reiterate the focus of a meaningful and rewarding career. In addition to the meaningful work, wellness programs, flexible working arrangements, career progression, and unique development opportunities- Allambi Care are proud of enhancing the competence and confidence for those valued staff in our sector.


Ben Jones - Allambi, Australia

Manager of Learning and Development , Allambi Care

Email: ben.jones@allambicare.org.au